Bluecell Intelligence and STACS Partner to Build Blockchain Infrastructure and Support Green Lending Projects

SINGAPORE, March 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bluecell Intelligence PTE Ltd. and HASHSTACS PTE LTD. (STACS), both Singapore Fintech based companies have decided to engage in a wef collaboration March 11, 2021. They will work together to provide Blockchain based solutions and Greenloan projects with enhanced capabilities.

Bluecell Intelligence recently launched a digital lending platform for SME lending. It strives to provide better solutions and efficient systems through the online platform where loan operations can be done in a faster and more advanced way. SMEs can reach multiple lenders with a single application with various financing options. Bluecell integrates lenders and partners at a rapid pace to deliver value and more options to its customers.

STACS is a Singapore FinTech development company with a vision to provide transformative technology for the financial industry. STACS is leading the way in digitizing assets, processes and documents using its Blockchain technology. STACS is a laureate of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Global FinTech Innovation Challenge Awards 2020, a technology partner of the Ubin project led by MAS. They provide production-ready enterprise blockchains and end-to-end solutions for implementation. They work with financial institutions to discover new opportunities with its technology. With recent blockchain adoption trends in the industry, STACS serves as a complete solutions partner and innovative fintech development company to help financial institutions adopt cutting edge technology and seek new opportunities.

With this collaboration, STACS and Bluecell will build its platform on the blockchain infrastructure. STACS is the winner of the fintech award at the MAS world fintech festival. They are nominated to be the builder of the blockchain infrastructure platform under the Green Project to facilitate green lending. STACS will provide GreenSTACS as a supporting infrastructure for the loans. This will be aligned with MAS leadership, project Greenprints, Green Loan, etc. The use of the blockchain will follow the green impact of the loan on the borrower. Bluecell is an aggregator of lenders that can offer green loans. Borrowers with “green” elements in their business can go through the BC platform to apply for loans from “green” support lenders on better terms than usual. Bluecell will use this technology for processes such as smart contract, digital signature, verification of original financial documents, etc.

The Green Fintech initiative of Singapore focuses on the challenges facing financial institutions in terms of sustainability and climate risks. Greenprint is a technology platform aimed at promoting a green financial ecosystem. SMEs and FinTech companies working on green and sustainable projects often find it difficult to access capital effectively. Project Greenprint provides a platform for these companies to connect with financial institutions and investors to access a wider range of capital and green solutions.

With the accent of the Singapore govt. on green loans, many small businesses are focusing on sustainable projects for their future growth.

With more and more companies digitally transferring their regular transactions and using the services offered by online platforms, it is believed to improve the efficiency of the financial sector through new technologies. The Fintech platform helps automate the process and speed up service delivery.

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