Boris Johnson CAN’T crush Labor’s six-point lead amid calls for more fresh blood – poll | Politics | New

The poll comes on the heels of another scandal engulfing the government with the resignation of Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher after, by his own admission, he got drunk and groped two men at the Carlton Club in London.

That leaves Mr Johnson with two vacancies to fill following Mr Dowden’s departure as chairman, citing “the disappointment and anger” of Conservative Party members.

The ‘disappointment’ seems to continue to show in the polls, with Labor gaining a point to 39%, still six points ahead of the Tories, even though they have gained a point to 33%.

The Lib Dems are down 1-13%, but trust in Mr Johnson’s government remains at an all-time low of just 29%, less than a third of those polled.

Meanwhile, a quarter of voters remain so disillusioned they are unlikely to vote in a general election and even nearly half of Leave supporters (49%) no longer support the Tories.

Bringing in Mr Berry, the former Northern Powerhouse minister, would give a more ‘red wall’ focus to campaigns and new ideas.

It could also help bring in some of the rebels who are in the NRG and are part of the group trying to oust Mr Johnson as Tory leader.

And 20 MPs have reportedly called on Mr Berry to become the party’s next chairman.

According to his supporters, he is seen as a “skillful media operator, able to take the fight to the job”, with the NRG leader seeming the favorite to replace Dowden. understands that five of the 20 MPs are outside the heart of the north, where Jake oversees the largest cohort of MPs in the party.


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A southern MP, who has been wooed by several suitors, told The Express exclusively:

“Jake is well-liked, good on camera and understands voters.

“To get out of this whole mess, we need someone who can fight against the workers, be aggressive and bring new political ideas.”

An NRG member told “We saw at our conference that Jake has political ideas, which we desperately need.

“He is not your usual Tory, he is connected to voters and brings with him a broad base of support. Obviously, the Prime Minister should appoint him as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, polling pundits are warning that Mr Johnson needs a sea change.

Michela Morizzo, chief executive of Techne UK, said: “The government must take decisive action to support struggling households.”

She warned that too many changes and actions were “incremental” and not of “high enough intensity”.

But warning that neither party inspires voters, she said: ‘No party at the moment is able to come up with policy proposals that really appeal to the general public.

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