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UKIP leader Neil Hamilton slammed the Prime Minister for having ‘no political strategy’ and for being ‘an artist rather than a politician’. Speaking to GB News, Mr Hamilton said no one knew ‘the purpose of this Tory government’ anymore and that the Prime Minister had to step down to allow a new Tory leader to take over. He said that although Mr Johnson had been a ‘very successful campaigner’ in the past, his time should now be coming to an end.

Mr Hamilton said: “The reality is Boris is a broken brand. He was an asset to the Conservatives ahead of the 2019 election.

“He won the election to be mayor of London twice, and London is not a conservative city.

“So he was clearly a very successful campaigner. But the reality is that today, after three years of experience as Prime Minister, I don’t think he can personally recover from the beatings he inflicted on himself.

“As he is currently in Rwanda, I think it is better that he stays there as a poster boy for Priti Patel’s asylum policy.

“He’s also very popular in Ukraine so he could go there but I don’t think he’s going to win an election in the UK.

“And it’s partly because of Partygate but it’s more because we don’t really know what the purpose of this Conservative government is.

“Immigration is totally out of control. 880,000 people settled in the UK last year.

“I do not believe [Boris] has no political strategy. He is basically an artist rather than a politician.

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Mr Johnson pledged on Saturday to lead his Conservative Party to the next national election, which could be more than two years away, despite two bloody by-election defeats which have led to fresh calls for him to step down.

Earlier this month the Prime Minister survived a vote of confidence from Tory lawmakers, despite 41% of his parliamentary colleagues voting to oust him, and he is being investigated by a committee for whether he intentionally misled Parliament.

Earlier this week Tory candidates lost two by-elections, the defeats suggest the broad voter appeal that helped Mr Johnson win the 2019 election could fracture after a scandal over illegal parties organized in Downing Street during coronavirus closures.

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