Canada’s Seniors Call on Federal Government to Take Immediate Action on Travel Rules


  • Seniors calling for end to pre-departure PCR test requirement to ensure travel is affordable and accessible for all

TORONTO, 28 October 2021 / CNW / – Together with the Canadian Roundtable on Travel and Tourism (“The Roundtable”), seniors everywhere Canada Call on the federal government to remove unnecessary and unscientific barriers to cross-border travel, such as the pre-departure PCR test for fully vaccinated travelers, which disproportionately impacts seniors.

Travel is becoming increasingly difficult for the average Canadian senior. The expensive cost of a PCR test can add up $ 200 CAD per person. This policy was meant to be temporary and runs counter to recommendations made by the federal government in the report of the Expert Advisory Group on Testing and Testing for COVID-19 (“the Expert Panel”) in May. of this year.

Many countries have recognized that requiring pre-departure and upon arrival testing for vaccinated travelers is redundant and have exempted fully vaccinated travelers from testing requirements, including France, Portugal, Germany and the UK.

While many have scheduled travel bookings for the period November to December, the travel and tourism industry is bracing for cancellations.

The pandemic, immunization status and available science have changed; The same is true of the response and measures to ensure the safety of Canadians while allowing the reopening of the travel and tourism industry.


“As a spokesperson for over 115,000 members, the Canadian Snowbird Association is concerned about the burden on Canadian travelers who incur high test costs to travel. Based on science, other countries have phased out testing for vaccinated travelers, making travel more accessible and much less expensive. prohibitive.”

Michael mackenzie
Executive Director of the Canadian Snowbird Association

“Bookings are on the rise, but the travel and tourism industry is bracing for cancellations. Confusion over rules, border and testing creates an environment of uncertainty for travelers, especially seniors It is time for the rules to keep pace with the science that will keep seniors safe while allowing them to travel. “

Wendy paradise
President of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies

“The elderly have been isolated at home, away from family, friends and the world. As travel opens up, we need to make sure that the elderly are not left behind. from Canada national senior advocacy organization, we are calling for a simplified approach to vaccine passports, rather than creating costly additional barriers to travel, especially during the upcoming holiday season. “

Jana Ray
Chief Operating Officer of CanAge

“As we enter this new phase of the pandemic, once characterized by mass vaccination and a low number of cases, travel should have been operational. In pre-pandemic times, senior citizen travel made up about 35% of international travel to Canada – and that doesn’t even include United States. This market just hasn’t returned. “

Lorraine Simpson
Founder of Lorraine Simpson Travels

About the Canadian Tourism Roundtable

The Canadian Tourism Roundtable is a pan-Canadian coalition of tourism and travel industry leaders – including representatives from airports, airlines, hotels and chambers of commerce from across the country – committed to working together to relaunch the sector smoothly and safely. Travel and tourism are a $ 102 billion sector, employing millions of Canadians across the country and accounting for 2.1% of the country’s gross domestic product. He advocates for a safe and prosperous tourism and travel industry across Canada.

SOURCE Canadian Roundtable on Travel and Tourism

For more information: For media inquiries, please contact: Randi Rahamim, [email protected]


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