This list of recent real estate transactions in Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Lorene S. Williams to Scott and Jennifer Purvis, 695 Linkhart Road in Adams Township, 3.1 acres, $165,000.

Helen J. Roberts to John P. Saunders and Lorina Taylor, 161 South South Street in New Vienna, 0.5 acre, $162,500.

Scott R. and Jennifer K. Purvis to Adam M. and Michaela E. Wolfe, 105 Ogden Road and two other properties on Ogden Road, all in Adams Township, total 0.7 acre, $215,000.

Scott O. and Cherie L. Smith to Ruth E. Hensgen and Lisa A. Knisley, 384 Lincoln Street in Wilmington, $213,000.

Ryan and Christina Mobley at Karl Gordon Smith, 1131 Doak Road and another Doak Road property, both in Clark Township, total 11.3 acres, $130,000.

Brandeis Revocable Trust to Hugh W. and Joellen Vance, 162 Beechwood Road in Washington Township, 30 acres, $250,000.

Jan E. Simmerson to David A. Wirrig and Kari L. Bloom, 415 Lincoln Street in Wilmington, $155,000.

Lundy FRLTA to Jennifer A. Sabin, 629 Ken Hawk Place in Wilmington, $165,000.

Barbara E. Kaplan RLT to Caitlin A. McGee, 596 Bernice Street in Wilmington, $150,000.

Brian A. Gockel ½ interest and Joy E. Gockel ½ interest to Todd Joseph and Elizabeth Marie Smith, 619 Ward Road in Chester Township, 8.1 acres, $500,000.

Jason G. and Kimberly A. Zeckser to Lorraine Young and Richard P. Stonerock, 2033 Port William Road in Liberty Township, 2.9 acres, $250,000.

G & L Development LLC to Ronald and Rhonda Lacoste, 502 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 3.5 acres, $90,000.

Erin W. Newkirk to Ronnie F. and Karen L. Dunn, 1470 Wisbey Road in Vernon Township, 1 acre, $149,500.

Farleigh Properties LLC to CED Properties LLC, 145 Sherman Street and another Sherman Street property, both in Sabina, $25,000.

T & J Country Properties II LLC at Monna Jean Smith, 506 Maple Point Court in Chester Township, 6.6 acres, $185,000.

We-Be LTD at Lora L. Rice, 211 B Street and two other B Street properties, all in Wilmington, $124,500.

Myrna F. Schlenk at Timothy and Goldie Howard, 500 Paris Avenue and another Paris Avenue property in Wilmington, total 0.3 acre, $13,350.

Timothy and Goldie Howard at Luann Bepler-Todd, 500 Paris Avenue and another Paris Avenue property in Wilmington, total 0.3 acre, $38,400.

Tina Powell to Dorothy I. and Shawn L. Campbell, 1799 State Route 350 in Washington Township, 2 acres, $150,000.

Robert M. and Linda P. Louiso at Brandon M. LeForge, two properties on Fourth Street in Clarksville, $40,000.

G & L Development LLC to Ellis Custom Homes LLC, 478 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 4.2 acres, $99,000.

Ian Healy and Emily Mendell to Mark and Jennifer Jones, 1038 East Fork Road in Green Township, 5.3 acres, $59,900.

Barbara Rogers and John S. Williams to Nikulkumar D. and Sheetal A. Patel, 1095 Linhof Road in Wilmington, $155,000.

Dorothy M. Elder to Alyssa and Alexander Chmidling, 1567 Clarksville Road in Adams Township, 33.9 acres, $484,200.

Lowe FRLT to Keith Collins II, 273 State Route 72 in Richland Township, 5.5 acres, $220,000.

Clinton County Starter Homes LLC to Crystal G. Ruoff, 93 West Mound Street in Sabina, $90,000.

Robert Dolph to Andrew A. Blankenbeckler, 305 First Street in Clarksville, 0.7 acre, $140,000.

Tammie M. Kessinger to C. Thomas Welker, a property on State Route 28 in Jefferson Township, 11 acres, $77,000.

Tim Young to Anthony and Anna Teague, 115 College Street in New Vienna, $2,500.

Joshua K. Jacobs and Jodi A. Poorman to Barbara F. and Ronald B. Hoskins, 1132 Ventura Drive in Union Township, 1.3 acres, $255,000.

William R. and Lisa L. Klaue to Stewart Alan Wright, 143 North Wood Street in Wilmington, 0.3 acre, $184,900.

Cross Creek Haven LLC to Cheryl A. Bartram, 5887 Farmers Road in Clark Township, $139,900.

LT Land Development LLC to David K. Boring, 2363 Wilson Road in Green Township, 0.5 acre, $125,000.

Tara D. Williams to Todd S. Walters, 133 North High Street in Wilmington, $116,000.

Nicholas B. and Virginia E. Hensley to Jeremiah and Carol Fernbaugh, 2801 State Route 72 in Wilson Township, 5.7 acres, $410,000.

Mark and Tamara Labar to Thomas A. and Debra R. Payne, 2391 Martinsville Road in Clark Township, 9.5 acres, $350,000.

Don M. and Margaret D. White to Ramar Land Corp., 419 Linkhart Road and three other Linkhart Road properties, all in Adams Township, 60.8 acres, $608,550.

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