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Garrett Franz, 30, Hicksville, police officer, and Abbye Shock, 23, Hicksville, EMT.

Christopher Brown, 43, Defiance, electrician, and Jessica Johnson, 32, Defiance, nurse.

Michael Hill, 53, Defiance, warehouse supervisor, and Reanna Lee, 44, Defiance, warehouse manager.

Chase Myers, 24, New Haven, Ind., Firefighter, and Lindsey Kline, 26, New Haven, Ind., Registered nurse.

John Allbright, 59, Defiance, retired, and Karen Haynes, 58, Defiance, medical dispatcher.

Steven Furnas, 36, Defiance, lawyer, and Elizabeth Hahn, 29, Defiance, IA.

Angelo Cranston, 34, Sherwood, breakpress operator, and Bailey Schlachter, 23, Sherwood, food packer.

Cloee Arnett, 24880 Road 10, v Quinten Miller, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Cancellation.

Taylor Wreede, 1701 Crestwood Drive, and Maria Wreede. Dissolution of marriage.

Anthony Zimmerman, 28835 Ohio 281, and Jane Zimmerman, 1104 Powell View Drive. Dissolution of marriage.

Martin Yoder, 2072 Laurelwood Drive, and Cheryl Yoder, Toledo. Dissolution of marriage.

Jamie Clemens, 24923 Defiance-Paulding County Line Road, v David Clemens, address unavailable. Divorced.

Sara Moore, 1037 Madison Ave., vs. Thomas Moore, Stryker. Divorced.

Abigail Rocha-Ramirez, 23568 Breckler Road, vs. Alan Rocha-Ramirez, 223 E. Broadway Ave. Divorced.

Kerisha Barajas, Mark Center, vs. Luis Barajas Jr., Paulding. Divorced.

Bank of New York Mellon, Highland Ranch, Colorado, v David and Sherry Lee, 16861 Defiance-Paulding County Line Road; Ohio Department of Taxation, Columbus; and Defiance County Treasurer. Foreclosure.

Discover Bank, New Albany, v Gerry Miller, Judgment 1221 Magnolia St. Money.

Angela Hart, Mark Center, v Cheryl Delacruz, Hicksville; and Safe Auto Insurance, Columbus. Judgment of money.

Joe Jackson, Mauldin, SC, v National General Insurance Company, Winston-Salem, NC; Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission, 1933 E. Second St .; Erica Lorenz, 14825, County Road 171; John is 1-5; and John Doe Corporation. Case closed.

Midland Credit Management, Inc., San Diego, Calif., V Ken Zephyr, Hicksville. Judgment rendered.

Robert Whitaker, 622 Dakota Place, v Lorraine Whitaker, 23484 County Road 10. Divorce granted.

Sherry Miller, 728 Hopkins St., and Earl Miller, 815 Bell St. Marriage dissolved.

Jennifer Shook, 26861 Behrens Road, and Gerry Shook, Archbold. Marriage dissolved.

Samantha Elswick, 806 Holgate Ave., v Ohio Department of Public Safety, Columbus. Case closed without prejudice.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk, Virginia, v Jesse Reid, Hicksville. Case closed with prejudice.

Terry Hunt, address unavailable, vs Raymond Nagy, address unavailable. Case closed.

Steven Westrick et al to Keith Michaelis, Sec. 4.35 acres.

Lucas Schroeder to Lucas and Taylor Schroeder, Sec. 11, 1.68 acres (divided).

Susan and Scott Wichman to Jeremy Hodges, Original Dish, part of lots 11-12.

Barbara Lasek at City of Defiance, Ohio, Riverside Park Add., Lot 14.

Wesley and Piyawan Chapman in City of Defiance, Ohio, Charles Miller’s Add., Part of Lots G and H; Hill and Myers Add., Part Lot 34, Lot 35, Lot B.

Michael and Nancy Kemper to Daniel and Brooke Bostelman, William C. Holgate’s first addition. Block 1, part of lot 6.

Keith and Irene Gallant to Tina Cavin, et al, Revised Plat of Waverly Heights Add., Part lot 42.

Marnie Schwiebert, et al, to Tina Cavin, Revised Plat of Waverly Heights Add., Part lot 42.

Garry and Dianna Neff to Dianna Neff, second addition. at Domaines Auglaize, lot 37.

Sahar and Souheil Al-Jadda, Trustees, to James and Nancy Schatz, Chinook Trails Condos, Unit P.

Kennedy Schlegel to Jett Jeffery, Biede Place Add., Part lot 92, lot 102.

Anthony and Mary Ruhe at TMR Investments, LLC, Booth and Aldrich Add., Lot 22.

Beatrice Gonzales (dec.) To Jesse McCabe, Greenler’s Add., Lot 25.

Topprop, LLC, to Tanner Osborne, Oak Park Add., Part Lot C, Part Lot C, Part Lot C.

Rita Leininger to Jeronimo and Mary Cortez, Auditor’s Plat of Ottawa Terrace, lot 46.

Beatrice Gonzales (dec.) At Shayna Gonzales, Auditor’s Plat in Ottawa Terrace.

Jay Erich and Karen at Andrea Erich, Pine Ridge Sub. Phase III, lot 22.

John Schelling (dec.), Administrator, to Janet Schelling, administrator, Sec. 15, 14,541 acres.

Janet Schelling, Trustee, to Janet Schelling, Trustee, Sec. 15, 14,541 acres.

Donald Bendele to Bryan Howard, Administrator, Sec. 17, 4,457 acres.

Gerald Seibert (dec.) To Marsha Seibert, Sec. 20.8 acres.

Estate of Deborah M. Miller to Richard Miller, Sec. 20, 17.17 acres.

Ann Heater, et al, to William Heater, Sec. 27, 1,878 acres, 13,116 acres.

Flora Welch to Flora Welch, Trustee, Sec. 29, 15.9 acres.

Estate of Deborah M. Miller to Richard Miller, Auditor’s Plat, lot 36.

Janice Boyce to Jeffier and Kendra Rucker, Auditor’s Plat of Sherwood, part lot 4.

Estate of Deborah M. Miller to Richard Miller, Auditor’s Dish, part of lot 15.

Ted Ramey to Roger and Betty Greear, Mackinaw Add. and a vacant lane and part of the libéré Maple Street, lot 15.

Daniel Shaffer to Jennifer Mavis, Trustee, Sec. 4, 12,914 acres (divided).

Rex Pendleton (dec.) At Rex Pendleton Family Farms, LLC, Sec. 15, 80 acres.

Rex Pendleton Family Farms, LLC, in Van and Mary Pendleton, Sec. 15, 80 acres.

Robert and Janet Butler to Brian and Sara Hammon, Sec. 16, 19,612 acres.

Joann Lucas (dec.) To Michael Lucas, trustee, Partenariat Add., Lot 53, part of lot 55; Dish of the Auditor, part lot 107.

Kenneth and Arielle Dougal at Michael and La Tisha Saum, Auditor’s Dish, part of lot 257.

Emma Conley to Emma Conley, Trustee, Bryan Street Condos, Unit 100.

Martha Smith to Jeremy and Kelly Van Horn, Sec. 8, 20 acres, 0.25 acre.

Joann Lucas (dec.) To Michael Lucas, administrator, Sec. 23.5 acres.

Steven and Brenda Snyder to Larry and Deborah Hitzeman, Sec. 28, 1,003 acres.

John Schelling (dec.), Trustee, to Janet Schelling, trustee, Ayers-Acres Sub., Lot 1, lot 1.

Jason and Virginia Saylor to Richard and Haley Tinnell, Sec. 35, 0.92 acre.

Township of Milford-Edgerton LSD –

Phillip and Alicia Walsh at Thomas and Brooke Greathouse, Sec. 4, 9.99 acres.

Defiance City-Noble Twp./DCSD –

Kevin and Laura Kline to Misty and Guy Ankney, Riverdale Heights Add., Part of lots 30, 32.

Noble Twp.-Defiance City NELSD –

James Kamren, LLC, to Scott Smiddy, Sec. 14, 0.44 acres; Second. 23, .2 acre.

Defiance City-Richland Twp./DCSD –

Kevin Patterson to Keith Tomlinson Jr. et al, Bistel Add. Extension, part of lots 108-109.

Jeffrey and Cynthia Mack to Morgan Casey, Bistel Add. Extension, lot 112, part lot 113.

Charles Shock (dec.) To Sharon Shock, Bistel Add. Extension, part of lots 134-135.

Sharon Shock to Jill Buhrer et al, Bistel Add. Extension, part of lots 134-135.

Defiance-Ayersville LSD –

Susan and Mark Soukup at Sounuts, LLC, Sec. 31, 1,314 acres, 0.587 acres.

Michael Osborne, Trustee, to Kennedy Schlegel, Kettenring Hills First Add., Lot 17.

Township of South Richland-ALSD –

Phyllis Retcher to Debra Cocke et al, Sec. 24, 10.96 acres.

Nicholas and Amy Beach to Nicholas and Amy Beach, Sec. 31.5 hectares.

David Karlstadt, Trustee, to Ted Ramey et al, Sec. 26, 2,067 acres.


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