Donald Trump reacts to the death of his first wife Ivana

Despite the fact that Donald Trump was married to Melania Trump throughout his presidency, Ivana Trump made it clear that in his mind, she was the real first lady. People reports that, during a 2017 interview on “Good Morning America,” Ivana claimed she was in regular contact with her ex-husband but refused to call him at the White House in case Melania landed the job. telephone. “I don’t want to cause any jealousy or anything like that, because I’m basically Trump’s first wife. Okay? I’m the first lady,” she said at the time.

Ivana doubled down on her comments during an appearance on ‘The Ray D’Arcy Show’ in Ireland, acknowledging they didn’t go down well with the first lady. “I said, ‘I’m Trump’s first lady. I’m Trump’s first lady,’ and the first lady fell for it,” Ivana shared, saying, “I don’t know why. I don’t know how it shone, but I’m definitely Trump’s first lady. ” However, Ivana also confirmed that she wouldn’t be trading places with Melania since, according to ABC News, “She’s better than me. I would hate Washington.”

The president’s first wife, however, maintained that she would have done a better job keeping order in the White House, giving speeches, checking contracts and leading negotiations, among other things. Melania’s spokesperson, meanwhile, decried Ivana’s comments as “sound of attention seeking and selfishness”.

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