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Dr Amir Khan has attacked Boris Johnson by following new rules that will force those entering crowded places, like nightclubs, to show vaccine passports to show they have been dubbed. The medical professional said the move ran counter to the government’s so-called “freedom day”. He added that he was still a strong opponent of lifting the restrictions, as he was “worried” that cases would continue to rise in the coming weeks and months.

Speaking on Lorraine, Dr Khan pointed to the government’s turnaround on vaccine passports after government sources told The Telegraph the program was essentially “dead.”

In May, Cabinet Minister Michael Gove testified before a committee on the progress of vaccine passports.

At the time, he said they could be introduced to “speed up” the return to normal life but would not be used for pubs, government buildings or public transport.

But while the government says July 19 will lift all legal restrictions on coronaviruses, the new vaccine passports have gone against the government’s intentions.

Dr Khan said: “This is another government turnaround and the day the legal restrictions were lifted and I’m not going to say much about it because I’m sure I made it clear how I feel on this subject.

They then added that starting in September, nightclubs and other places will require people to prove that they have received both vaccines before they can enter.

“They left it until September because we want to give anyone over 18 the option to have both vaccines.

“And there’s a precedent for that if you look at countries like Israel, they’ve lifted all their restrictions and they’ve seen their numbers increase.

“And you have to keep in mind that their baseline numbers were way below what our Covid rates are now. “

Political experts criticized Boris Johnson for calling July 19 a “day of freedom” while revealing that restrictive new vaccine passports would be introduced later this year.

From September, overcrowded sites will be required to check the immunization status of incoming people to ensure that only double-bitten people can visit.

The system mirrors plans recently announced in France, where President Emmanuel Macron has introduced several measures to increase vaccinations and tackle the endemic beta variant in the country.

However, the vaccine passport, mandatory vaccines for health workers and the end of free PCR tests in France have sparked widespread anger and protests over what people say are infringing on their freedoms.

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In the UK, passports are likely to be used for nightclubs and concert halls, which could spell disaster for the nightlife industry.

Mr Johnson also flip-flopped on his decision not to participate in a pilot program to avoid self-isolation after being asked about the NHS Test and Trace app when Health Secretary Sajid Javid obtained COVID -19.

Mr Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak said they would participate in a program that replaces self-isolation with daily testing – a program which the government says has been made available to certain government weapons .

However, following public backlash against the plans, the Prime Minister and Chancellor are now self-isolating, with Mr Johnson demanding that everyone “follow the rules”.

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