East Midlands teams go to MIPIM with a Cannes attitude

Teams from all over the East Midlands are in the south of France today (Monday March 14) for the kick off of MIPIM, the world property conference in Cannes.

Over £2 billion of investment opportunities across Derby and Derbyshire are intended for presentation to international investors.

The team will be armed with a recently updated Derby Investment Prospectus, which showcases 16 key investment opportunities across the city worth £1.2billion.

A key project being promoted is the University of Derby’s City Hub master plan, which focuses on developing the area around One Friar Gate Square, Ford Street, Bridge Street, Agard Street and Nuns Street in Derby.

With a new business school representing the first phase, the overall ambition is to create two separate but linked areas in the city: an academic area, centered around the current site of the university’s Sir Peter Hilton Court, and a company, based around Princess Alice. Residence courtrooms and Enterprise Center area.

The event will also see the unveiling of a brand new Derbyshire investment prospectus – the first of its kind for the county – to an international audience.

A total of 23 projects are featured, spanning the length and breadth of the county.

Leicester Team is a public/private partnership made up of organizations who have come together to collectively champion the Leicester and Leicestershire property and construction sector, the inward investment message and to showcase the exciting range of projects and opportunities in the region.

Rob McGuinn of Property Consultants, MDA is Chairman of the Leicester team. He said: “Although the pandemic has caused a downturn in the industry globally, Leicester and Leicestershire have actually weathered the storm well. Our businesses are resilient; our people are tough; and as a result, our region has emerged with a certain optimism – and this resonates in pursuit of the large volume of new developments that are there for all to see.

Matthew Wallace, Director of Estates and Building Services at Leicester City Council, said: “MIPIM offers the opportunity to have meaningful conversations away from the everyday environment – people attend because they want to come back with tangible and realistic results.

“Leicester City Council has many sites and locations in our portfolio, and we have recently received substantial funding to advance many new projects such as Pilot House and Leicester Railway Station to name but two. We are particularly interested in speaking to real estate developers, investors, corporate real estate occupiers and the supply chain who can help bring these projects to fruition.

“We don’t just fly the flag as a public sector body. We also champion private sector developments like our university partners, our space park, Loughborough Science Park and Charnwood campus – all of which also have development proposals and add greatly to the team spirit and focus that we are going MIPIM with.

Meanwhile, some 13 Nottinghamshire property sector partner organizations will lead Nottingham Team at MIPIM.

Liz Cartwright of Cartwright Communications worked closely with Lorraine Baggs of Invest in Nottingham to bring the team together.

She said: “Over the past few years, Nottingham has managed to establish a recognizable presence at MIPIM. It’s been a tough few years in terms of Covid, but we wanted to maintain a presence at MIPIM until next year when Nottingham City Council and Invest in Nottingham will be there in full force.

“The private sector partners involved in this year’s delegation to MIPIM had no difficulty justifying their presence. We have marketing opportunities, requirements to meet and we wanted to ensure that the Team Nottingham brand was present and visible at the biggest event on the European property and investment calendar.

Baggs added: “Invest in Nottingham had to make a very difficult decision not to have an official presence at MIPIM this year.

“However, we strongly believe that it is absolutely right to sell the city to potential foreign investors, as it represents a key blueprint for our efforts to grow the city’s economy and create new jobs and opportunities for locals. people.”

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