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Stuart (played by Ricky Champ) only recently returned to the square after leaving to find out more about holistic treatments. Meanwhile, he and Rainie’s (Tanya Franks) surrogate, Bernie (Clair Norris), were also away from Walford during her pregnancy. Official EastEnders spoilers confirm that Bernie will soon go into labor ahead of Stuart and Rainie. She will also discover Stuart’s refusal to seek treatment for his illness – this could lead him to make a big decision about his future.

In future episodes, Rainie and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) team up to try to convince Stuart to go to his hospital appointment.

Stuart however has other ideas and meets Warren who sells him more expensive supplements.

A furious Callum tries to get Stuart to understand but he refuses to listen.

Meanwhile, Rainie pesters Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) to find out Bernie’s whereabouts, fearing she may have already had the baby.

With Rainie so stressed and upset, Callum encourages Stuart to go on the date for her.

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Rainie is heartbroken when the doctor reveals Stuart’s cancer has developed and he needs immediate treatment.

At home, Stuart maintains his holistic approach, but Bernie’s sudden arrival distracts them.

Rainie is relieved to learn that Bernie still plans to give them the baby, but she pressures them to give her the rest of the money as soon as the baby is born.

Bernie notices Stuart’s supplements but the couple get rid of them.

However, Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) inadvertently tells Bernie about Stuart’s cancer.

She says she can’t let Bernie give them the baby on a lie. Will this change Bernie’s mind?

Rainie and Stuart anxiously await news of Bernie’s decision, and it seems possible that she feels too overwhelmed to make a rational decision.

Could she flee with the newborn? Meanwhile, Stuart encounters Warren, who continues his mission by discouraging Stuart from seeking treatment.

In another twist, Vi Highway (Gwen Taylor) shows up after hearing about the birth of her great-grandson, but a stunned Stuart warns her that she may not see him.

Rainie looks at a bottle of vodka but is shocked by Vi’s entrance. She confides in Vi about Stuart’s situation, leaving Vi determined to work things out.

Bernie might not know what to do after the news.

She is likely to worry about leaving the baby with someone who doesn’t believe in proper medical treatment.

Unable to tell the couple though, could she possibly be discharged from the hospital with the baby?

Bernie was unsure about giving the couple the baby, especially with Rainie’s history of alcohol and drug use.

Could Stuart’s behavior be the final nail in the coffin?

However, with Vi determined to help her family, perhaps she will find Bernie and persuade her to think about what she is doing.

If anyone can convince Stuart to see the meaning, it’s his grandmother.

He’ll probably be happy to see her back in the square, so he could do whatever it takes to keep her happy.

Will Vi be able to change Stuart’s mind about getting medical treatment?

If so, Bernie might feel better about leaving the baby with the couple.

EastEnders continues Monday at 8 p.m. on BBC One.

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