Four bizarre Nostradamus predictions for 2022, including deadly AI invasion of France

Michel de Nostradame, often simply known to Nostradamus, was a French astrologer, occultist, and physician who wrote a number of grim predictions about the future in his 1555 book Les Prophéties.

Although his predictions were often vague, based on astrological observations, many believe that of his 942 predictions, many came true.

From predicting the horrors of WWII to predicting the French Revolution and the Great Fire of London, the accuracy of Nostradamus’ eerie prophecies means people continue to heed his writings hundreds of years later. .

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The way his future stories are written, much of his prediction can be applied to several different scenarios.

Nostradamus was a man shrouded in mystery

It has been claimed that he knew that John F Kennedy would be assassinated and about the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.

As a physician in times of plague, famine, and war, Nostradamus was exposed to the most horrific and apocalyptic conditions, even losing his first wife and two children to the plague.

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Many have interpreted his grisly writings as predictions of apocalyptic events, including a zombie apocalypse, an asteroid hitting Earth, and a deadly solar storm.

Indeed, one of Nostradamus’ prophecies almost came true this year when he referred to “Fire, I see that from the sky will fall”.

In April of this year, Earth had a near miss with asteroid 2021GW4, which approached within 12,324 miles of the Earth’s surface as the closest point of approach, the Mirror reports.

Artist's impression of the shattered remains of an asteroid
Artist’s impression of the shattered remains of an asteroid

There’s no shortage of horrible things that could happen next year, so here is Nostradamus’ best prediction for 2022.

War or invasion of France

Nostradamus has a few recurring themes throughout his work, one of which is an invasion of France by an enemy in the East.

France has faced numerous invasions since Nostradamus made his prediction
France has faced numerous invasions since Nostradamus made his prediction

This has been proven repeatedly over the centuries, with Russian, Prussian and Austrian troops invading Paris after Napoleon’s defeat in 1814, the Prussians invading the French region of Alsace-Lorraine during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and of course the Nazis. invasion during WWII.

His prediction is as follows: however, the following prediction is supposed to refer to spring 2022:

“Blue head must white head

hurt to such a degree,

As France is good for both, there will be no more.

The very vague predictions could refer to World War III or France’s qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Global warming

Nostradamus was apparently ahead of many people today in understanding the dangers of rising global temperatures.

Could Nostradamus have predicted sea level rise?
Could Nostradamus have predicted sea level rise?

Prediction 1555 reads as follows:

“Like the sun, the head will burn the shining sea:

Live fish from the Black Sea should almost boil.

When Rhodes and Genoa

Half hungry will be

The locals to cut them up will work hard.

With coral reefs bleached by rising ocean temperatures, crop cycles affected by unusual heat waves, and disrupted supply chains, this prediction seems far from the truth.

Inflation, famine and cannibalism

It might be a bit premature to talk about cannibalism
It might be a bit premature to talk about cannibalism

If that wasn’t a grim enough picture, Nostradamus predicted an increase in food prices causing widespread hunger and even cannibalism:

“Neither abbots, nor monks, nor novices to learn;

Honey will cost much more than candle wax “

“So high the price of wheat,

This man is restless

His next to eat in his despair “

Empty shelves and rising food prices have become a part of everyday life over the past year or so, but it’s all we can hope no one will be forced to take more desperate action.

The rise of artificial intelligence

On a slightly lighter note, Nostradamus may have predicted the plot of Terminator.

City of London
The non-threatening look for now, but who knows what 2022 will mean for the advancement of robots

He wrote:

“The Moon in the middle of the night on the high mountain,

The new sage with the lonely brain sees it:

By his disciples invited to be immortal,

Eyes to the south. Hands in breasts, bodies on fire.

Human creation of robots can be both a help and a hindrance.

His words could be interpreted as artificial intelligence helping humans achieve immortality or a violent end.

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