Henry County Real Estate Transactions, Second Half of January | Latest titles

The Bulletin has picked up the Henry County property transfer listing, and over the next two months it will catch up with some listings from previous months and move forward with current listings. This batch dates from the second half of January.

From Betty M. Scott to Clifford Smith of Bassett: Tracts 47-54 near SR 606, Reed Creek Dist., $155,000

From William Thomas Rakes, sole heir, to Mark R. Cummings of Fieldale: 0.47 acre and 0.075 acre, Horsepasture Dist., $75,000

From Shannon Scott to Roger M. Johnston of Martinsville: 6.34 acres at SE end of Bradford Court, Iriswood Dist., $439,000

From Louise Carol Robertson to Daniel Lee Hanks of Bassett: Lots 112 and 113 on the N margin of Robinhood Road, Reed Creek Dist., $95,000

From Carla Lynn Lackey, heir, to Tracey Lynn Keffter of Collinsville: lot 324A-S in Henry County, $126,000

From George TC Li to V&W Real Estate LLC of Martinsville: Lots 20-R and 22 on the NW side of DuPont Road, $20,000

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From Gerald Lewis Roberts to Michael N. Wilson of Ridgeway: Tracts 1 and 2 in Blackberry Dist., $10,000

From Bradley F. Fields to Patrick B. Williams of Stokesdale, North Carolina: 125.12 acres on the S side of Matrimony Creek Road: $718,620

From Patrick B. Williams to Ferguson Land and Lumber Co. of Rocky Mount: 125.12 acres on the S side of Matrimony Creek Road, $718,620

From Jessica L. Branch to Carla W. Walton of Bassett: Lot 5 Sect. 1, 0.78 acres on the west side of Spring Garden Lane, Blackberry Dist., $125,000

From James David Roberts to Jillian R. William of Roanoke: Lots 12-14 0.577 acres on S side of SR

609 Blackberry District, $128,900

From Brandon Curry to Alexis Dameron of Axton: lot in the Irisburg district, $89,000

From Surety Trustees LLC to BKC Properties of Vinton: Lot 4R, 1.07 acres on the S side of Wingfield Orchard Road, Horsepasture Dist., $84,740

From Mark D. Gilbert to Danny M. Towler Jr. of Martinsville: Lot 34-36 Block B Sec. 2 SE Side Wildwood Ave, Collinsville Dist., $145,000

From Russell C. Stone to James Edward Spencer Jr. of Spencer: Tracts I-IV in Horsepasture Dist.

From Ayers & Whitlock Lafayette to Valley Star Credit Union: Tract A, 1.6 acres at Horsepasture Dist., $18,000; and lot 3-4 section B on the west side of Southland Drive, $24,000

From Jason L. Jarrett to Stephanie Nalls of Bassett: Lot near Old Pannill Homeplace on SR 679, Horsepasture Dist., $129,000

From Sandra Spencer Fulcher to Travis L. Cassell of Bassett: 9.1 acres, Horsepasture Dist., $139,900

From Andrew Sturgil to Jason M. Martin of Collinsville: Lot 14 ½ on the S side of East View Drive at Reed Creek Dist., $90,300

From Michael K. Lawson to Bradley F. Fields of Greensboro, NC: 8.99-acre lot on the S side of Horsepasture-Price Road, $22,834

From Kimberly York to Jason Odell Mabe of Spencer: Tract with 9 ¼ acres on the N side of New Hwy 58, Horsepasture Dist.

From Richard C. Brickey to Richard Allen Wilson of Roanoke: Lot 24 wells on the S side of Huntington Hills Drive, $1,800

From Rebecca P. Lynn to Lynn Prillaman Mabe of Collinsville: Lot 5 Sec. D on the northwest side of Thomasson Road, Martinsville: $32,500

From Sue H. Coffman to Gordon R. Metz of Martinsville: 1 acre on the S side of Washburn Road, Reed Creek Dist., $75,000

Martinsville Iron & Steel Co. to Christopher Meeks of Martinsville: Real Estate in Martinsville Dist., $288,050

From Donna Faye Adams to Dwayne Winford Adams of Bassett: 5 plots off SR 687 in Patrick and Henry counties

From Elizabeth Rice to Meimar LLC of Martinsville: Card 186320002, $173,900

From Gary M. Jones to David M. Jones of Bassett: Lots 23 and 25 on the E side of SR 718, Blackberry Dist., $150,000

From Brian B. Wiggington to Heidemarie Jones of Fieldale: Tract A overlooking SR 687, Blackberry Dist., $168,000

From Christopher J. Hundley to Jonathan D. Clyburn of Bassett: Lot 4, 0.415 acres on W margin of SR 687 and small strip of 0.1 acre, Blackberry Dist., $90,000

From Justin Todd Ramsey to Twin Oak Properties LLC of Axton: Lot 1, 0.8 Acre, Lot 2, Horsepasture Dist., $260,000

From Rick Allen Wall to Steven Francis of Fieldale: 4.85 acres on the S side of SR 609, Blackberry Dist., $58,900

From American Property Management to Christian Norris of Stuart: Lot 13 Sec. 1 Gregory Estates property, Reed Creek district, $25,000

From Glenn E. Wood to Isabel C. Lovelace of Martinsville: Lot 18 Sec. 3 mainly at Ridgeway Dist. And partly in the City of Martinsville, $127,900

From Rans Place LLC to Kim Thong Thi Ho of Martinsville: Lots 6-8 Sec. E on the S side of Hill N Dale Road, Martinsville Dist., $73,800

Linda Martin Adkins to Steven S. Schimpf of Axton: SR 650 S Side Tract, Iriswood Dist., $83,500

From Kristi Brown Cook to James A. Vaught of Ridgeway, Lot 14 Sec. 4 NE side of Kenmore Ave., Horsepasture Dist., $170,000

From Rakland Enterprises Inc. to Piedmont Mechanical Systems of Collinsville: Lot in Henry Co., W margin Hwy 220, Reed Creek Dist., $50,000

From Trent Alexander Turner to Deandre A. Rouse of Martinsville: Tract 38D, 5,625 acres, Horsepasture Dist., $4,000

From Winifred Giles Kirk Jr. to Beth G. Adkins of Collinsville: Lot 32 on the S side of Hawthorne Court, Collinsville Dist., $140,000

From Rubin Alvin Watson to Lucinda Ray Wimbish of Collinsville: Lot 4 Martinsville Dist.

From Samuel I. White, PC, to Arundina LLC of Santa Ana, CA: Lots 13-17, 47-51, E side of SR 687 pt. 25′ of road space, SR 687, Horsepasture Dist., $10

From Carolyn Wells Turner to Octavia K. Ynch of Martinsville: Instrument Package Addition, $10,200

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