Julien Lepers: father of a hidden son? The host responds on this case

In the February 18 edition of France Dimanche, a shock interview with a certain Alexandre Lefeuvre was revealed. The latter affirms loud and clear that he is the hidden son of Julien Lepers. The 34-year-old tells the magazine his whole story.

Julien Lepers, a happy dad

The least we can say is that Julien Lepers is a happy dad. Indeed, in 1993 and 1998, he became the proud father of two children, Lorraine and Guillaume. But does the former host of Questions for a champion had a third child? In any case, this is what Alexandre Lefeuvre asserts.. In the columns of france sunday, the young man confided in his story. He spoke in particular of his difficult childhood, without a father.

It was during adolescence that Alexandre Lefeuvre felt the desire to know more about his origins and his paternal family.. That’s when his mother explains to him that he is the son of Julien Lepers. After learning the identity of his supposed dad, he sends him a letter in which he details the history of the relationship between the ex-host and his mother. In this letter, he gives him his address, with the aim of meeting him one day.

His first meeting with Julien Lepers

And, one Sunday, his wish is granted. Indeed, while he was watching television, Julien Lepers knocked on the door. After talking for several hours, the host left promising to see him again very soon. Over the course of the interview, the one who claims to be the hidden child of Julien Lepers reveals that he went on vacation with the host:

A few months later, at the beginning of the summer, he asked me to accompany him on vacation to his house in Normandy. In Paris, we took a helicopter, I had never done that in my life, obviously. There, I meet Lorraine, my half-sister, six years my junior. We are so alike that I am uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, during the holidays, Alexandre Lefeuvre made a big mistake. Feel good with Julien Lepers, he has the misfortune to call him dad at the end of the day. That’s when the host turns around. He then told her that nothing was certain. The next day, his stay is cut short. The former presenter Questions for a champion, asks the young man to pack his suitcase, because his parents were coming. Since that day, he has had no news of him.

Julien Lepers gives his version of the facts

Since then, paternity tests have been carried out. But these would have given different results each time (99%, 65% then 50%). Why such a difference ? Nobody knows. One thing is sure, Alexandre Lefeuvre fights for the truth. The young man particularly wants a new paternity test to be carried out under the control of a bailiff. He would have liked it to be done differently, but he has no choice.

Contacted by our colleagues from Current wife, Julien Lepers did not wish to speak on the subject. Indeed, for him, it is a personal matter. A case that he will not comment on with the press. However, he dropped a meaningful sentence. In particular, he asserts that france sunday was not a magazine where the truth was the primary goal. We understand that he questions the testimony of Alexandre Lefeuvre:

It’s not because it’s in France Dimanche that it’s true, very, very, very far from it. Six months ago they already said I had “blinding cancer” and I took them to court. I don’t have overwhelming cancer at all, I’m fine.

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