Karimunjawa National Park denies selling land for foreigners’ homes

Karimunjawa National Park refused permission to use and build houses for foreigners in an area suspected of being exploited by a foreign company.

“What we can say is that the ongoing development or sale of land is taking place outside the Karimunjawa National Park area,” Karimunjawa National Park wrote to CNN Indonesia. “The Karimunjawa National Park area consists of lowland tropical rainforest, mangrove forest and most of its territory is water. And there is no sale or development in the area of ​​the Karimunjawa National Park. Karimunjawa National Park.

They will also ensure that if there is any development or sale and purchase of land, it will be outside the national park area.

Lorraine Riva found an ad through her Facebook account, then uploaded a screenshot of it to her Twitter account. The ad, put up by The Startup Islands, offered to sell a house in Karimunjawa for €49,500 or about Rp808 million. 170 of his 300 homes were sold in just eight months.

The advertisement also explained that the homes were two-story studio-style upscale residences facing the sea, and had access to the beach, a beach club, a gym and a tennis court on the property. an area of ​​35,000 square meters.

Although still under construction, a house can be inhabited or the company will help with rental for an income of around ‘8,000’ euros or around ‘130 million rupees’ per year once the residence opens in October 2022.

Who is behind The Startup Island?

According to its official website, Startup Island is managed by PT Levels Hotels Indonesia. It claims to be a company approved by the Indonesian government and has a license to engage in the business of selling and renting real estate, including houses, apartments, residential buildings and other uses.

The start-up was founded and is managed mainly by Spanish citizens and also by some Indonesian citizens. Based on the official website of the General Directorate of General Legal Administration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, PT Levels Hotels Indonesia is a registered company with an office located in Bali.

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