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The real estate market trend in Allen County is illustrated by the following report, for the week of June 17-23. Numbers reflect the property’s sale price, as well as the property’s address or lot number and are courtesy of Allen. Mona Losh County Recorder’s Office.


Allen, Wendy to Hyde, Peyton Elizabeth, 1405 Lakewood Ave. Unit A, Lima, $ 169,000

Banks, Richard Ray to Henderson, Basil P Sr., 405 Paul St., Lima, $ 1,000

Clemens, Richard W / Clemens, Theresa L to Wilkerson, Anthony C, 2107 University Boulevard, Lima, $ 120,000

Croft, Joseph / Herr, Nicole to Fields, Amber, 433-435 E. Pearl St., Lima, $ 125,000

Dunn, James R to Carson, Bryce E, 645 Ewing Ave., Lima, $ 72,500

Eberle, Brandon to Reynolds, Braden P, 839 St. Johns Ave., Lima, $ 25,000

Hall, Cynthia J / Hall, Eric à Makin, Alexis Renee, 502 Columbia Dr., Lima, $ 60,000

Hall, Eric Trustee / Briggs Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Makin, Alexis Renee, 502 Columbia Dr., Lima, $ 60,000

Harris, Robert W / Harris, Robert Aka to Brown, Dionte / Ballah, Moriba, 124 S. Rosedale Ave., Lima, $ 45,000

Katz, Stephen E / Peimann-Katz, Janette K to Ketchum, Bret M / Ketchum, Ariel, 1723 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $ 268,600

Key, Jacqueline D to Sharkey, Damon Lynn, 116 E. Grand Ave., Lima, $ 34,400

Lott, Rashad A to Barnett, Kashonda Mae, 403 Garfield Ave., Lima, $ 377,000

Martin, Jackie J to Dicke, Lauren N, 806 Tremont Ave., Lima, $ 118,500

McCoy, Mary L to Hardesty, Michael L, 1121 Gloria Ave., Lima, $ 169,900

Mpv Investments, Llc to Breckenridge, Briana L, 1571 Wayne St., Lima, $ 110,000

Reeves, Randy L Executor / Conley, James William / Conley, James W Aka / Conley, Bill Aka at Honey Run Investments Llc, 132 E. O’Connor, Lima, $ 42,000

Spencer, William T / Spencer, Rita M to Malloy, Tamika, 322 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $ 86,000

Stein, Andrew / Stein, Michelle S to Williams, Jamar M Sr, 347 S. Charles St., Lima, $ 115,000


Alsept, Melinda May / Alsept, Donald to Ehrnsberger, David, West Robb Avenue, Lima, $ 3,500

Kistler, Darrel K / Kistler, Elizabeth A to Cp Associates, Llc, Fraunfelter Road, Lima, $ 100,000

Klay, Andrew D to Elrod, Michelle Lynne / Sanchez, Brady Ralph Lee / Lee Sanchez, Brady Ralph, 1141 W. Bluelick Rd., Lima, $ 189,000

Okay, Arnold S to Msb Investments Lima, Llc, 2275 N. Cable Rd., Lima, $ 59,000

Scherger, Lori Gratz / Scherger, William E to Andrews, David S / Andrews, Katelyn C, 2217 W. Market St., Lima, $ 468,000

Selvaggio, Carlo J / Selvaggio, Cathy L to Stein, Michelle S / Stein, Andrew I, 2960 Canterbury Dr., Lima, $ 227,500

Strawn, Tyler to Newland, Keenan C, 2640 Franks Dr., Lima, $ 159,000


Bowsher, Scott Executor / Estate Of Elwood D Logan / Elwood, Logan D Estate to Bowsher, Benjamin J, Faulkner Road, Harrod, $ 476,000

Ingle, Jeffrey A / Ingle, Lisa to Schroeder, Trey D, 6231 McPheron Road, Lima, $ 124,000


Elrod, Michelle to Eranwolf, Jena L, 1572 Adams St., Lima, $ 78,000


Conley, Jodilyn L Co-Trustee / Keller, Janice D Co-Trustee / Sprunger Revocable Living Trust / Conley, Jodilyn Leigh Co-Trustee of Wilch, Robert / Schneider-Wilch, Therese A, 515 Greding St., Bluffton, $ 315,000

Joseph, Timothy / Joseph, Jolene to Crow, Caren S / Crow, James J, 519 Harmon Rd., Bluffton, $ 133,500


Fischer, Catherine R to Backus, Alaina M, 680 E. 7th St., Delphos, $ 133,000

Krendl, Lee J Successor Co-Trustee / Ernest, Julie A Successor Co-Trustee / Mary A. Krendl Trust at Westrich Properties, Llc, East Second Street, Delphos and 122 N. Summers Lane, Delphos, $ 50,000


Grant, Chad D to Contris, Tyler, 1690 Bentley Rd., Ada, $ 74,000

Lewis, Rachelle E / Lewis, Jamie L at Bass Family Farms, Llc, 4624 North Hardin Road, Harrod, $ 225,900


Clum, Jacob R / Clum, from Jonelle to Eyerly, Aeriel, 124 S. High St., Lafayette, $ 40,000

Palmer Irrevocable Heritage Trust / Bucher, Deborah J Trustee de Sibold, Robert L / Sibold, Tanya M, 324 High St., Lafayette, $ 120,000


Manley, Ulice to Knight, Rhokia L, South Main Street, Lima, $ 1,000

Tips, Jessica Marie / Shepherd, Jessica Marie Nka / Shepherd, Bryan David in Croft, Joseph / Herr, Nicole, 1510 Lennox Ave., Lima, $ 5,000

Dunifon, Janice E to Dunifon, Janice E / Dunifon, Daniel L Lehman / Lehman Dunifon, Daniel L, 4910 Schooler Rd., Lima, $ 60,000

Private Sales Agent Rick Kigar / Twining, Blanch L, Et Al to National Federal Mortgage Association, 4820 McPhéron Rd., Lima, $ 46,000


Meyer, Robert H Iv Guardian / Koerner, Connie Lorraine / Koerner, Connie L / Koerner, Ward, Connie L to Smith, Levi D, 10600 Bixel Rd., Bluffton, $ 126,000


Craig, Craig A / Craig, Cathy A to Welch, Andrew D, 5160 Norfolk St., Lima, $ 90,000

Baughman, Carole A co-trustee / Faye L. Doseck Living Trust at Msb Investments Lima, Llc, 2875 Seminole Trail, Lima, $ 50,000

Hefner Investment Properties, Llc to Dronberger, Debra / Dronberger, Keith A, 2941 Inwood Dr., Lima, $ 205,000

Larschied, Cynthia L to Larschied, Rebecca L, 2600 Spencerville Rd., Lima, $ 58,400

Hull, Klinton M / Hull, Amber to Wells, Laramie Lee, 1145-1155 Kemp Rd., Lima, $ 210,000

Rtro Land, Inc. in Kondadasu, Rama R, Timberlane Drive, Lima, $ 43,000


Sites, Cheri R in Lopshire, Robert G, 612 Broadway St., Spencerville, $ 12,000


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