Lebanon County Real Estate Transfers for the Week of June 14


The following real estate transfers have been registered recently in Lebanon County:


René and Annette Perez to Ramon Merejo, 447 E. Weidman St., $ 20,000.

Carlton B. Jr. and Megan I. Geesaman at Stonehedge Holdings LLC, 131 S. Cherry St., $ 41,000.

Jorje L. and Rose Negron to Victor Martinez, 337 N. 14th St., $ 110,000.

Clear Choice Holdings at 320 Northwood Property Solutions, 445 E. Cumberland St., $ 315,000.

Yaroslav S. Matserich at Leybi E. Santiago, 315 N. Eleventh St., $ 127,000.

Clemencia M. Reyes to Yanely P. Batista, 936 E. Mifflin St., $ 91,000.

Spencer R. Dixon to Andy Liong 119 E. Scull St., $ 58,000.

Steven M. Bisking and Michael S. Bisking at Matthew and Jessica Hess, property on South Sixth Street, $ 56,000.

Canton of North Lebanon

Mount. Pleasant Ventures, S. Gerald Musser Builder, to Steven S. Shyda and Janessa Shyda, 1664 Grace Ave., $ 475,000.

Christopher R. Martin at Brandon Good, 44 Halfway Drive, $ 98,000.

Iconic Sweetbriar homes at Joel and Sandra Kotch, 814 Briar Rose Ave., $ 398,579.

Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar at Kenneth J. and Kathryn M. Long, 802 Briar Rose Ave., $ 326,679.

John W. Fake in Dhaka and Phalguna Bhandari, property on the south side of Mallard Lane, $ 359,900.

Clement H. and Shirley J. Falk to Nancy A. and John C. Allen, 1508 Rolling Meadow Road, $ 316,150.

Spruce Properties to Joel Roth, 929 Mount Zion Road, $ 265,000.

Iconic Homes from Sweetbirar Inc. to Roger and Dawn Pilotti, 146 Ginger Court $ 308,304.

Canton of South Lebanon

Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders in Lebanon, to Panagiotis Zoumas and Sharon L. Zoumas, property on Cambridge Drive, $ 510,708.

Canton of West Lebanon

David M. and Kelly N. Windle to Daniel J. Reppert, Terri L. Bossler, 2446 Garfield St., $ 103,000.

Township of West Cornwall

Marietta Darden to Nathan J. and Anne C. Robinson, property along Mills Avenue, $ 286,000.

Mays G. Kurtz Jr. Estate to Melvin H. and Louella A. Horning, 261 Horseshoe PIke, $ 234,000.


John A. Watson to Gregory A. Steckbeck, 601 E. Main St., $ 175,000.

Bruce E. Klingler, Sheriff, at Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust, 144 Woodside Court, $ 4,932.

Canton of Annville Sud

Monica Cowart and Kevin Ellenwood at Jaine Reinhold, 60 Beech Tree Court, $ 306,500.


Chad Spangler to Joseph Kenny, 31 W. Cherry St., $ 200,000.

Township of South Londonderry

James L. Musser and Janelle M. Musser to Robert A. De Carlo and Sandia A. De Carlo, property on South Forge Lane, $ 396,900.

BD Investment Group to Dalane Management, two plots on the south side of Market Street, $ 1,200,000.

Township of North Londonderry

Keith A. Kohr to Tyler J. Baker and Cory S. Baker, property along Miller Street, $ 360,000.

Municipality of Swatar

Isadore L. and Loretta R. Ollar to Dale R. Meyer Jr., property in Swatara Township, $ 220,000.

Woodcrest Developers at Faith and Corey Lex, 505 Darlington Ave., $ 294,882.50.

Canton of Bethel

Betty J. Walter to Steven L. Jr. and Stephanie L. Mulholland, property on Camp Strauss Road, $ 125,000.

Bonita A. Koller to Robert B. Houtz and Tammy M. Houtz, 126 Laurel Drive, $ 130,000.

Township of Jackson

Dorothy M. Dvoroesik to Victor J. Tucci, Louise A. Batdorff, 53 Scenic Drive, $ 209,000.

Lorraine S. Ebling Estate at Steven Parenski, 206 W. Grant Ave., $ 170,000.

Patrick T. Kreiser at Leroy W. Martin, 190 Gable Drive, $ 184,900.

Harold B. Heilman Estate at Rodney M. Breckbill, two parcels in Jackson Township, $ 92,000.

James M. and Malinda L. Peachey to Daryl L. and Michele L. Grumbine, property on Rosebud Road, $ 470,000.

Steven H. and Cynthia F. Horning in Eldon and Faith Miller, 520 Stracks Dam Road, $ 250,000.

James L. and Heidi M. Weaver at Dash Management Group, 819 Hilltop Road, $ 180,000.

Canton of Heidelberg

Zimmco Enterprises to Cheri Kay Properties LLC, property along Locust Street, $ 320,000.


Andrew S. Vardzik to Devin R. Breen, Broad Street property, $ 195,000.


Patricia B. Bender at Dash Management Group, 117 E. Main St., $ 125,000.

Jeffrey S. Tittle to Gaspare W. Russo and Sydney R. Flory, 309 W. Linden St., $ 155,000.


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