Lebanon County Real Estate Transfers for the Week of September 27


Here is a list of recent real estate transactions in Lebanon County:


Orlando Rivera and Omaira Garcia to Liam Maguire and Eveira Domenech, property on the east side of South Ninth Street, $ 89,900.

James T. and Terry A. White to Manoucheka Small and Fritzner Merisca, 1610 Elm St., $ 340,000.

Rachel Cofffen and Jessica Paleva at Maritza Ruiz, 920 Reinoehl St., $ 130,000.

Donna L. Becker to John and Miriam Stoltzfus, 107 N. Twelfth St., $ 90,000.

House Cash LLC to John and Miriam Stolzfus, 524 Bollman St., $ 90,000.

Suzanne Zerbe at Leroy Harris, 304 S. 13th St., $ 119,900.

MWF Ventures LLC to Connor P. Ahnert, property along South Tenth Street, $ 45,000.

Bonita Morrow to Francis Sr. and Denise Young, 320 S. Third St., $ 285,000.

Erica Leiss to Edwin Vargas-Castillo, 1037, rue Poplar, $ 164,900.

Premier Home Solutions at Ephraim Stoltzfus, 309 N. Twelfth St., $ 90,000.

Dorothy J. Martin Estate to William and Donna Kmiecinski, 35 Woodland Estates, $ 155,000.

Bernd and Lucinda Hammer at Bethany Bradley, 9 Tiffany Lane, $ 129,000.

Crystal Stager at JBM Real Estate Investment, 65 Tiffany Lane, $ 140,000.

William and Donna Kmiecinski to Brian Jackson, Jeffrey and Thelma Jackson, property on East Elm Street, $ 180,000.

Nancy Maggio at Hunter Creek Partners, property on Shirley Drive, $ 45,000.

Thoma Rivera and Jennifer Rivera at Shaun Baker, property along Oaklyn Road, $ 238,000.

Canton of North Lebanon

Shaun Baker to Gustavo Heredia and Gustavo Tzin-Heredia, 1211 Sandhill Road, $ 180,000.

Canton of South Lebanon

Reading Road Corporation to Michael T. and Lori A. Sensinig, property on Cambridge Drive, $ 298,645.

William Fleischer and Sharon Fleischer to Derrick and Melissa Kreiser, 1645 Cambridge Drive, $ 528,400.

Kelli Braightmeyer to Owen Hanna and Ezzat Hanna, 608 Fox Ridge Lane, $ 227,174.

William Jr. and Jasmine Metz at Wendy Stauser, 1007 S. Lincoln Ave., $ 195,000.

Michael and Kristina Marisi at Khagendia Bhaudari, property on Cobblestone Drive, $ 460,000.

Todd Yancey at Nobin Kafley and Chandra Kaflay, 114 Palm Lane, $ 150,000.

Robert G. Wertz Jr. and Lindsay K. Wertz to Vincent M Garcia to Adrianne Barton, 404 Clays Crossing, $ 425,000.

Joshua J. Risser to Sherry L. Adams, 26 Pine Ave., $ 205,000.


Joanne Burg to Richard and Angelina Evans, 616 Aspen Lane, $ 260,000.

Heather J. Hess to Luke Doutrich and Joannah Myers, 208 Burd Coleman Road, $ 160,000.

Kelly A. Ressler to Norman E. III and Elsse Fenn, Karinch Street property, $ 407,000.

Canton of North Cornwall

Thomas and Stephanie Zimmerer to Gerard Petrozelli and Laura Castelli, 830 Tudor Lane, $ 750,000.

Narrows Glen Inc. to Jaganath Adhikari and Kill Kaflay, 43 Creekside Drive, $ 407,109.


Lorraine A. Koons at Lauky Properties, 232 W. Penn Ave., $ 102,000.

Canton of Annville

Ronald M. and Linda B. Bashore at Frederick and Debra Hess, property on South Lancaster Street, $ 135,000.

Kristen and Jerome Simon Jr. to Rachel Flanagan and Kevin Leibich, 216 W. Heridan Ave., $ 139,900.

Speedway LLC (of Ohio) to Joe’s Kwik Marts LLC (of Allentown, Pa.), Property along Route 422, $ 960,000.


Thomas Derby Jr. to Jeremy and Kali Reb, 530 E. Maple St., $ 284,923.

Andrew Welker at Grassy Mountain Realty, 114 W. Ridge Road, $ 275,000.

HR Weaver Building Systems Inc. to Jason N. and Melissa L. Klipa, 36 Cortland Crossing, $ 225,390.

Township of North Londonderry

Mary Snavely to Bradley D. Shearer, 196 Lewis Road, $ 207,000.

Donald and Gale Gibson to Joel and Deanna Gamon, 3 Jean Drive, $ 335,000.

Russell and Amy Hewitt at Krishna and Bindu Kirkel, 26 Barley Lane, $ 667,100.

John and Margaret Haughwout to Lauren and Chad Killian, 1126 E. Maple St., $ 312,000.

Township of South Londonderry

Rowena C. Lerch to Kevin T. Lerch to Kevin T. and Inese Roth, 247 Lawn Road, $ 399,900.

River Bend LP, Millfield Construction Co., at Deborah Nestico, 633 Springbrook Drive, $ 416,779.

Long’s Excavating Inc. to Seth and Kelly Arnold, property in the Township of South Londonderry, $ 145,000.

Nicholas and Holly Buckwalter to Laura Henry and Sean Salick, 185 Woodridge Drive, $ 250,000.

Kenneth Bleistine Estate at Andrew and Jessica Monteith, 862 S. Mount Pleasant Road, $ 135,000.

Canton of Union

Joyce L. Reinbold to Nathan Lentz, 199 Campmeeting Road, $ 135,000.

Canton of Hanover East

Kevin and Rebecca S. and Jean at South White Oak LLC, 49 Pleasant View Road, $ 700,000.

Andrew and Melissa Bender to Robert and Annmarie Orlowski, 126 Webster School Road, $ 400,000.

James R. Leedy Estate to Robert A. Meily Jr., East Hanover Township Property, $ 227,000.

Municipality of Swatar

Nathan and Stacy Baum at David and Cheri Bupp, property on Sweetbriar Lane, $ 332,500.

Carey and Norma May at Andrea and Robert Self, property along Lickdale Road, $ 385,000.

Mark T. Weaver Estate at Irina Pavlova, 57 Shirksville Road, $ 140,500.

Matthew and Sherri Graco at American Escrow and Closing Company, 315 E. Chestnut St., $ 452,000.

American Escrow and Closing Company to Larry R. and Lena M. Royer, 315 E. Chestnut St., $ 452,000.

Township of Jackson

Melvin W. Sterner at Jessica L. Berrier, 629 Hilltop Road, $ 237,500.

Debra L. Stachowicz at Weiler Properties, 45 Gable Drive, $ 190,150.

Wagner Y. Hunhardt to Salvador Vazquez and Johanna Dominguez, 14 Mayfly Drive, $ 305,000.


John W. Lefever Sr. Estate of Alexander Duvall and Breauna Miller, 121 S. Broad St., $ 138,000.

Kyle D. Wenger and Ethan Gregorzek to Nathan Long, 117 W. Cherry St., $ 119,000.

Mary Baioco to Daniel Shellhamer and Tiffany Yeiser, 221 E. Carpenter Ave., $ 209,000.

Evelyn M. Smith at Madelyn Sweatlock, 208 N. Railroad St., $ 193,000.

Canton of Heidelberg

Harold D. Jr. and Christine Malone at Kevin Zychal, 10 Century Lane, $ 350,000.

Darrel Lehman at Jonathan Horning, 545 Wedgewood Drive, $ 250,000.

Craig K. and Patricia Ford at The David H. Warner and Carol A. Mack Warner Revocable Living Trust Agreement, 4 Oxford Drive, $ 511,000.


Derrick and Becky Hershey at Edna Good, 14 Walnut St., $ 290,000.


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