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7 Carisbrooke St: Carl F. and Karen E. Grygiel to Steven M. and Regina A. French, $957,000

55 Dufton Rd: Andrew Kirwan and Samantha J. Miller to Anthony T. Melto and Kaylee Pena, $535,000

141 Elm St: CSH Andover LLC to Shp Vi Andover LLC, $39,715,000

5 Matthew St: 536 North End Blvd LLC to Ryan J. and Vanessa D. Pacific, $875,000

90 Washington Park Dr Unit 5: Elio and Michelle P. Tagliaferri to Inderpreet Singh and Avneet Kaur, $175,000

100 Washington Park Dr Unit 10: Linda Thibodeau to Jessica M. Marquis, $210,000

9 William St: Lance C. Price and Liana Conway-Price to Thomas and Alexandra Beckwith, $915,000


31 Lakeshore Road: Colin Carpenter and Brittany Carvalho to Colin Carpenter, $85,000

9 Towne Rd: Way FT and Candy L. Foster to Craig L. and Kari L. Kurtz, $815,000

23 Wildmeadow Road: Peter E. and Suzanne M. Sylvestre to Joseph and Kaitlyn Muth, $982,200


35 Colburn Ave: Kayla Perry-Odonnell and Shane Odonnell to JJJ RT and Richard J. Williams, $550,000

60 Florry Dr Unit 15: Loretta Maguire to Jennifer Amari, $300,000

39 Hillside Rd: Chester J. and Felicia G. Szetela to Seth Q. Aggrey and Esther Y. Larbi, $520,000

54 Long Dr: Lisa Caradonna to Steven B. Standish, $550,000

140 Pleasant St: Douglas R. Hohler to Michael Joseph and Tha P. Hser, $400,000

13 Saddle Rd: Jay M. and Stephanie J. Stamp to Shane R. Odonnell and Kayla Perry-Odonnell, $850,000

25 Scott Street: David A. and Michelle Cincotta to Carlos and Joanette Pinela, $580,500

24 Swain St: Nicholas R. and Laura C. Tricarico to Rory Yeadon-Connerty, $455,000


4 Pineneedle Road: Charles and Nicole Lawrence to Elizabeth S. and John H. Mulski, $1,350,000


2 Bare Hill Rd: Kenneth D. and Loriann E. Rollins to Catherine Casellini and Harold N. Hansen, $550,000

38 Elm Park: Brianne and James S. Christopher to Alexandra R. Hung and David J. Reppucci, $450,000

1 Garrison St: Clisbee Miriam F East and Mary A. Clisbee to Angela Rossi, $365,000


23 6th Ave Unit 23: Robert Giarrizzo to Jeffrey A. Craig, $260,000

21 Bartlett Ave: RAC FT and Richard A. Correlle to Vincent R. Cogliandro, $235,000

349 Broadway: Klilliilea JE Est and Steven S. Buczzo to Christopher Fernandez and Shannon L. Ovington, $450,000

39 Casablanca Ct Unit 39: Macdonald John C Est and Michael Macdonald to Juan A. Labour, $320,000

119 Cedar St: Other Place LLC to Van Geyte Fine Prop LLC, $100,000

10 Creek Brook Dr: CF Cold Storage LLC to Scout Cold Storage Havrhl and Cody Sheehan, $36,000,000

38 Danforth Ct Unit 39: Leonard A. Tuminowski to Erica L. Renzella, $425,759

9 Farmington Ave Unit 9: Susan A. Young to Betsy Rodriguez and Alex L. Medina, $410,000

135 Farrwood Dr Unit 135: Papa RT and Lisa M. Phillips to Robynlynn A Harwood LT and Laura Ritzer, $325,000

15 Forest Street Unit 15: Lisa M. Desrosiers and Richard A. Smith to Laurie Cusack and Cody Sheehan, $472,000

102-104 Franklin Street: Brian D. and Maegan E. Gould to Angeline and Karla Garcia, $575,000

20 Grand Ave: Carter Properties LLC to Brian S. Bonilla, $450,000

25 Lansing Ave: Settlemoir LLC to Settlemoir LLC, $426,000

37 Lindel Street: Tena L. Millard to Alexander A. Fuller, $405,000

452 Main St: Dylan Woodland to 452 LLC, $465,000

241 Morgan Dr Unit 241: Linda J. Croteau and Craig F. Wondrasch to Meredith A. Kattar, $325,000

440 North Ave Unit 88: Mclaine Donald A Jr East and Nicole Sarkisian to Pyramid LLC, $193,000

140 Old Ferry Rd Unit M: New England Hm Buyers LLC to Victoria L. Tucker, $350,000

38 Race St: Coyne FT and Eamon Coyne to Nicholas Federico, $550,000

225 River Street: Francis A. Hebb to Frank T. Muraco, $600,000

24 Rutherford Ave: Garrett Powis to Rachael I. and Sarah E. Blais, $480,000

70 W Meadow Rd Unit 25: Christine E. Rosenbaum to Michael Ferreira and Lauren Perrieira, $315,000

4 W Parish Ct Unit 4: CJ Brown RET 2022 and Carole J. Brown to Richard Reeves-Malcolm, $400,000

21 Waldo Ct: Michelle and Socrates Jean-Baptiste to Jason and Jesse Fiorentino, $600,000

62 Washington St Unit 12: Robert J Pamisano T and Robert J. Palmisano to Juan Concepcion, $240,000

103 Westchester Dr Unit 103: Barbara Ginsberg T and Barbara S. Ginsberg to William J. Koetteritz, $475,000

36 Whittier Road: Maireni Cornelio to George L. Rosario, $315,000

21 Wingate St Unit 603: Wintervale LLC to Frank T. Muraco, $215,000


66 Ames St: Jose A. Grullon to Angel Maldonado-Rodriguez and Dora T. Garcia-Maldonado, $561,000

501-503 Andover St: JTS RT and Thomas E. Duffy to Bay Flow LLC, $425,000

32-34 Bodwell St: Arismendi and Yanet B. Bencosme to Manuela Rodriguez, $620,000

31-33 Bourque St: Fernando V. Garces to Daniel Ortega, $765,000

6-8 Conduit St: Rclxml Conduit Street RT and Robert C. Landry to Diane M. Rocheteau, $650,000

64 E Haverhill St: Francisco J. Espaillat to Ricardo A. Espaillat, $425,000

3 Hanlon Ct: Van T. Phung to Jose Reyes and Laura I. Rodriguez, $350,000

40-42 Jennings St: Frank Moran to Daniel Lopez and Beatro Lopez-Valdez, $628,000

11 Lawrence Street Unit 708: Frank A. Sarcia to CPO Lawrence LLC, $108,000

19 Montrose Ave: Kevin Hanlon to Juan C. Flores, $480,000

53 Pembroke Dr: Rico Dejesus-Alvarez and Socorro E. Dejesus to Tammy Crawford and Alyssa Moronta, $530,000

138-154 S Broadway: SCLR Realty LLC to Plover Capital LLC, $2,400,000

10 Spring St: Menery Properties LLC to Kerrin Duffy, $322,500


19 Alderbrook Ln: Patricia A. Siney to Francisca O. Moses, $600,000

91 Broadway: Diverse Real Estate LLC to Michael and Nabil C. Silfa, $1,500,000

459 Broadway: Joseph E. Solomon to Yvonne J. Murphy, $420,000

1 Chickadee Ct Unit 1: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Linda and Robert P. Vecchione, $910,086

19 College Ln: Michelle Bertrand to Maria E. Melendez, $450,000

13 Dearborn Rd: Satsuk Sonia A Est and Judith A. Lynch to Aldo P. Vasquez, $525,000

25-27 Durrell St: Melissa A. Wells to Flora S. Degomez and Nivares Diaz-Perez, $605,000

93 Golf Ave: Breeda P. Lemelin to Escolastica A. Jovell and Jose L. Paulino, $490,000

106 Hampstead Street: Daniel J. Menihane to David C. and Tierra A. Devallon, $665,000

39 Haverhill St: CHC Realty LLC to VIP Center RE LLC, $600,000

22 Lincoln St: Pasha Realty LLC to Pierrevens Alisma and Clairomene Philistin, $530,000

16 Mary Lou St: Jose A. Ramirez to Freddy Rodriguez, $495,000

41 Merrimack St: Shane J. Petruzello to Matthew Scheuer and Catherine Santarpio, $545,000

222 Merrimack St: Valley RT and Marcus E. Distefano to LVT 224 RT and Tung V. Le, $365,000

224 Merrimack St: Swan East Of Methuen Inc at LVT 224 RT and Tung V. Le, $365,000

14 Palanga Street: Lorraine Mcgovern to Meredith Welch, $460,000

90 Pleasant Valley St: Core Fund Loop Prop 2 LLC at Milton 90 Pleasant Vly St, $61,050,000

5 Sierra Unit Ct 5: Caprice A. and Donald M. Delauder to Wayne and Deborah Branco, $890,000

58 Sorrento Ave: Marini FT and Lauren Bannister to Alexander D. and Amanda F. Beers, $765,000


132 Duncan Dr: Robert D. and Gayle V. Welch to Elliott and Julia Leslie, $870,000

91 Farnum St: Vance H. and Vicki H. Anderson to Michael P. and Jane E. Eagan, $549,900

35 Fernview Ave Unit 1: Dennis Pellegrino and Milagros Roman to Alyssa A. Tamlyn-Hayden, $220,000

7 Leanne Dr: Sean P. Stanton to Jayalatha Revalle and Probhakar Palle, $1,025,000

9 Village Green Dr Unit 9: Jeffrey S. and Melanie L. Tierno to Sarah Creese, $330,000

32 Water Street, Unit 32: Rachel B. Jacobson to Heather L. Carney, $419,000

144 Waverley Rd Unit 1: Brendan and Liane Sheehy to Michael Brady, $310,000

38 White Birch Ln: Daniel and Catherine Moore to Timothy and Meghan Lever, $865,000


6 Anthony Road: Lytle FT and Ann M. Heckman to Rick Gauthier LLC, $540,000

10 Greene St: Smith Sons Plumbing&Hea to Philip A. Woodburn and Seyedeh N. Masoom, $1,450,000

38 Main Street, Unit 17: Grigorii and Elena Lazari to Faris Qablan, $290,000

44 Tower Hill Rd: Maria and Alan Gray to David M. and Brigida C. Lopes, $955,000


48 Brissette Ave: Grasso FT and John J. Grasso to Elizabeth Bunkartas, $515,000

143 Cable Ave: Eileen M. Spero to Francesco Campo and Jessica J. Demers, $480,000

36 Dock Ln: Furbush Donald W East and Anthony L. Lapoulias to Melissa S. Lamontagne, $503,000

110 Lafayette Rd: Nowa Exchange Prop LLC to Charter Street LLC, $1,700,000

78 N End Blvd: Bianca Villa LLC to Freckle International LLC, $799,000

12 Robert Rd: Jordan S. Napolitano to Ian V. and Vanessa E. Douglas, $720,000

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