Marshall’s 16.6-acre home sells for $ 1.3 million


This 16.6-acre home near Marshall recently sold for $ 1.3 million.

A four-bedroom house on 16.6 acres near Marshall recently sold for $ 1.3 million.

Built along Ramey Road in 2006, the 4,200 square foot home features four full bathrooms, a fireplace and a stucco exterior.

Also recently:

• 202 acres on Turner Mountain near The Plains were sold for $ 1.6 million. The Virginia Outdoors Foundation holds conservation easements on all three parcels.

• A 12,000 square foot, one acre commercial building in Vint Hill sold for $ 1 million.

The clerk of the Fauquier County Court of First Instance recorded these real estate transfers from September 1 to 8, 2021:

Cedar Quarter

Robert B. and Deborah A. Jarrell to Claudia M. Fuentes, 11.6 acres, 7331 Greenwich Road, near Nokesville, $ 490,000.

Rachel A. and George N. Williams Jr. to Joseph P. Kelly III and Nadia C. Barry, 9.9 acres, 7149 Steven Court, near Nokesville, $ 755,000.

Adelaida A. Valdez to Sheila M. and Lonnie L. Finley Jr., Trustees, 5 acres, Sowego Road, near Catlett, $ 815,000. Joan Cephas at Caliber Homebuilder Inc., 1.5 acres, Meetze Road, near Warrenton, $ 125,000.

Malcolm D. and Nancey J. Tolliver to Madisyn T. Palmer and Justin W. Doyle, 4.8 acres, 10,502 Shenandoah Path, Catlett, $ 350,000.

Mark A. and Jill M. Metz to Christopher M. and Christine M. Sharon, 11.3 acres, 2301 Soaring Eagle Road, Midland, $ 660,000.

Linda L. and Shawn C. Hyson to Justin J. and Jennifer G. Scrivener, 8.8 acres, 11373 Eskridges Lane, Catlett, $ 675,000.

David and Janet L. Thomas to Heather M. Nelson, 1 acre, Lot 6-B, Woodside Village Subdivision, 7494 Ali Lane, near Nokesville, $ 425,000.

Center district

Tabatha E. Lovelace to Stacey Irwin, Townhouse 84, Phase 3, Highlands of Warrenton Subdivision, 51 Morton Ridge, Warrenton, $ 325,000.

David Phifer to Kylenn and Amanda L. Criste, Lot 35, Edgemont Subdivision, 213 Autumn Wind Court, Warrenton, $ 650,000.

Jessica and Neil Brandt to Rebecca A. Hurrt, lot 9, phase 1, Ridges of Warrenton subdivision, 210 Cannon Way, Warrenton, $ 670,000.

James F. Loving to Alfred V. Coleman III, Lot 1, Addition to the Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 6454 Goochland St., Warrenton, $ 500,000.

Nancy G. Koch to Brian McGee, 0.7 acre, Lot 101, Phase 3, Ivy Hill Subdivision, 7138 Ivy Hill Drive, near Warrenton, $ 500,000.

Janelle J. Downes to Robert G. Leonard, Lot 59, Phase 2, Highlands of Warrenton Subdivision, 114 Dorset Lane, Warrenton, $ 355,000.

Keith Palmer to LRW Investments & Property Management LLC, 0.53 acre, lot 177, addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7314 Westmoreland Drive, near Warrenton, $ 337,500.

Lee district

Donald A. Shiflett and Rose A. Vannoy to Mario M. Alberti, 1.9 acres, Lot 3, Tanglewood Estates, 14030 Silver Hill Road, Sumerduck, $ 320,000.

Jacquelynn A. Hale at Taffae M. Gift, 2 acres, Sumerduck Road, near Remington, $ 80,000.

Dorothea E. Stevens to Caludio P. and Maria S. Ammatuna, 15,168 square feet, 320 N. Franklin St., $ 400,000.

Casey E. Stanley and Ashleigh M. Price to Charles Alex and Ariel Pattee, Lot 116, Phase A, Section 1, Mintbrook Subdivision, 6524 Lafayette Ave., Bealeton, $ 355,000.

Jeshayra R. Rexach to Stephanie A. Davis, 1 acre, lot 3, Miller Woods-West subdivision, 11055 Ransom Lane, Bealeton, $ 450,000.

Cindy L. and Donn F. Sachs to Carl J. Hauser Jr., 2.2 acres, Lot 5, Liberty Oaks Subdivision, 6247 Liberty Road, near Bealeton, $ 390,000.

Deborah H. Elam, Trustee, to Abigail P. and Stanley L. Heaney Jr., 3 acres, 11850 Freemans Ford Road, Remington, $ 375,000.

Sugarland Properties LLC, Trustee, James W. Hilldrup as Manager, at Emma HV Desosa, 0.19 acre, 311 W. Washington St., Remington, $ 285,000.

Mary L. Robinson and Cynthia Martin at Eland LLC, 2 acres, 13845 Union Church Road, Sumerduck, $ 225,000.

Kaitlyn Faile and Katherine Cornwell at George Boakye, Unit 9, Phase 3, Waverly Station Condominiums, 8631 Bud Court, Bealeton, $ 310,000.

Marshall Quarter

Joan M. Payne to Irene A. and Preston L. Wines, Kelly M. Markley and Jamie R. Hylton, Trustees, 16.6 acres, 10463 Ramey Road, near Marshall, $ 1,300,000.

Rex VA 12 LLC, Deborah L. Moody as manager, at Andreas Tapia, 1.5 acres, 7430 Keith Road, near Warrenton, $ 390,000.

Eric W. and Sara Steakley to Todd J. Schneider, 5 acres, 5821 Vine Lane, Linden, $ 519,000.

Rebecca M. Enoch to Robert S. and Selina S. McPherson, 4.2 acres, 8267 E. Main St., Marshall, $ 750,000.

Calvert Avenue LLC, Wayne E. Hauter as director, at Wangouy Zhang, 8.2 acres, 6891 Wilson Road, near Marshall, $ 625,000.

Scott neighborhood

Turner Property Ventures-Turner Mountain LLC, Charles G. Turner III as Director, to Brian C. and Amy L. Thomas, 57.9 acres, 36.8 acres and 107.4 acres, off Turner Mountain Road, near The Plains, $ 1,600,000.

Kenneth D. and Debra J. Munson to Shannon L. Thompson, Lot 59, Phase 13-B, Brookside Subdivision, 7147 Lake Drive, near Warrenton, $ 949,900.

PFD LLC to New Caprica LLC, 1 acre, 4228 Aiken Drive, Vint Hill, $ 1,000,000.

Julie C. and J. Chad Melton to Gordon S. and Ruth E. Cruickshank, 2 acres, Lot 48, Phase 2, Snow Hill Subdivision, 5842 William Drive, near Warrenton, $ 820,500.


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