Mayor Wapaconeta pleads not guilty

Wapaconeta – On Tuesday, the mayor of Wapaconeta, Thomas Steinbo, was ordered to deliver his passport and certificate to his home.

Steinbo, 51, is in Auglaize for a settlement hearing Tuesday morning before Judge Patricia Kosgrove, a former lawyer at the Summit County Common Court of Justice appointed by the Ohio Supreme Court to preside over the case. Appeared in Common Pleia County Court.

On behalf of the mayor and longtime resident of Wapaconeta, a plea of ​​theft, three counts, has been filed. Eight counts and four counts of having an illegal interest in a public market. Eight counts of conflict of interest, one misdemeanor.

An Auglaize County grand jury indicted Steinbo on July 22 with illegal contracts with his family and business partners. He was also accused of making Wapaconeta pay for the remediation of real estate developed by his private company. The incident is believed to have occurred between 2016 and 2019.

Deputy Attorney General Mika Alto said Steinbo “has signed many contracts that interest him or his family.” The Ethics Department of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office has investigated the complaints against Stinebaugh.

Stinebaugh maintained his innocence and said he “couldn’t wait to clear my name” after the indictment was released.

As a condition of his $ 100,000 deposit, the judge offered his house as collateral, in addition to preventing Steinbo from leaving Auglaize County, and the individual listed as the victim of the indictment. Or ordered not to contact the group.

Cosgrove asked Ault if AG’s office intended to pursue arrangements allowing officials to be temporarily fired while the criminal charge is resolved. Ault said his office has filed a motion to initiate these proceedings.

The Ohio Amendment Act states that if an official is charged with a serious offense, the attorney general will charge the Chief Justice of the Ohio State Supreme Court if the offense is found to be related the management of the official or the exercise of his functions. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court requested that the suspension process continue.

If an official disagrees with the suspension, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court appoints a special committee of three retired judges or judges to review the facts and circumstances of the alleged offense. is necessary.

A conference call between the judge and the lawyer was scheduled for September 16 to update the progress of the case.

Stinebaugh was elected mayor of Wapakoneta in November 2015 and defeated Rodney Metz. He was re-elected in 2019.

Mayor Thomas Steinbo of Wapaconeta on the right was indicted on Tuesday by the Common Preah court in Auglaize County. Stinebaugh’s attorney, David Thomas, has pleaded 17 serious charges and misdemeanors against his client.

Thomas Steinbo spoke to attorney David Thomas on Tuesday at a hearing at a common petition court in Auglaize County.

The mayor of Wapaconeta, Thomas Steinbo, is adjacent to his lawyers, David Thomas and Kathryn Wallabsenstein, during a hearing held on Tuesday before a joint petitions court in Auglaize County.

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