Most Popular Dog Names, Breeds in WA for 2022

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The most popular dog breeds and names in Western Australia for 2022 have been revealed.

Data from HCF Pet Insurance showed that the most popular dog breed was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, followed by a Maltese Cross, Labrador, Kelpie Cross and Border Collie.

The top dog names were Coco, Molly, Luna, Buddy, and Bella.

A survey of over 1,000 people by HCF also found that 57% of dog owners said that overall their dog makes them happier than any other family member, while 29% of dog owners married dogs said they would rather share their bed with their dog than their partner.

HCF’s Director of Diversified Products and Business, Lorraine Thomas, said the survey results were a nod to the integration of dogs into Australian family life.

“Pets bring great comfort to their owners and can also bring many health benefits, from being a good reason to get out of the house and go for a walk, to being a soothing companion who lends an ear and almost never responds,” says Thomas.

Most popular dog names by state, 2022:

NSW: Charlie, Coco, Daisy, Ruby, Luna

Queensland: Bella, Ruby, Max, Molly, Frankie

VIC: Charlie, Coco, Max, Ruby, Luna

SA: Buddy, Charlie, Molly, Ollie, Frankie

WA: Coco, Molly, Luna, Buddy, Bella

NT: Ziggy, Jack, Jazz, Jessica

ACT: Toby, Ruby, Molly, Charlie, Luna

CAS: Ziggy, Riley, Sheba, Maggie, Lola

Most popular dog breeds by state, 2022:

NSW: Cavoodle, Labrador, Maltese Cross, Labradoodle, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

QLD: Cavoodle, Maltese Cross, Labrador, Border Collie, Labradoodle

VIC: Cavoodle, Maltese Cross, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Spoodle

South Africa: Cavoodle, Maltese Cross, Labradoodle, Labrador, Golden Retriever

WA: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Maltese Cross, Labrador, Kelpie Cross, Border Collie

NT: Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador Cross, Cavoodle, Bull Arab Cross, Maltese Terrier

ACT: Cavoodle, Maltese Cross, Labrador, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Labradoodle

TAS: Labrador, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Maltese Cross, Golden Retriever, Dachshund

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