Newsnight: Rishi Sunak makes a fatal mistake by ‘not taking risks’ in his leadership campaign | United Kingdom | New

Mr Sunak won the first round of the Conservative leadership on Wednesday with 88 votes, followed by Penny Mordaunt with 67 votes. Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sunak launched his ‘ReadyForRishi’ campaign earlier this week as he entered the race for the Tory leader.

Speaking about Mr Sunak’s campaign strategy, Mr Dale told Newsnight on Wednesday: “He’s not taking a lot of risks.

“I was part of the David Davis campaign in 2005 and part of the reason that campaign failed was because it was complacent.

“I thought we had all these names on the board. We’re going to win anyway, so no risk was taken. David said he wouldn’t quit the European side.

“David Cameron, on the other hand, said ‘I will’, so he got all the votes on the right.

“Sometimes you have to take risks in a campaign and I see Rishi Sunak making all the mistakes we made in 2005.”

Announcing his decision to stand in a video on social media, Mr Sunak said he wanted to “restore confidence, rebuild the economy and reunite the country”.

He added: “Someone has to seize this moment and make the right decisions.

“Do we face this moment with honesty, seriousness and determination or do we tell ourselves heartwarming fairy tales that might make us feel better now but will make our children worse off tomorrow?”

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