North Hills real estate transactions for the week of October 31, 2021


Nice view

The Bruce Simpkins estate sold the property located at 512-514 Carolyn Ave. to Mineweaser Development Group LLC for $ 143,500.

SFR3 LLC sold a property at 175 N Jackson Ave. to Huachan Jiang for $ 73,000.

Barry James Shenck sold the property at 622-624 Orchard Ave. to NYXQ31201 LLC for $ 127,700.

Bradford Wood

Frederick Shaheen sold the property at 233 Bradford Road to Jessica Lee for $ 422,900.

Ray McClintock sold the property at 5 Laurel Road to Edward and Susan Stack for $ 350,000.


Gregory Smith sold the property at 46 Hickory St. to Gregory Scolieri for $ 71,000.

Franklin Park

Franklin Fields 2 LP sold a property in Blaines Way to Frank and Dana Zokaites for $ 3,000.

Hemant Singh sold the property at 2534 Club House Drive to Brendan and Sarah Quay for $ 500,000.

Michael Gentile sold the property at 1653 Norman Drive to Rocco Ross and Katrina Kobelak for $ 491,000.

John Savage sold a property at 1800 Rutgers Ln to Anilkumar Udkar and Ashwini Kaneri for $ 370,000.

Trustee David Pauldine sold the property at 2595 S. Hunters Point Ct to Cyndi Palladino for $ 87,100.

Michael Wills sold the property at 1620 Twin Oaks Drive to Rahul Panat and Shalaka Joshi for $ 701,000.


Darlene Gibson sold the property at 3124 Cheltenham Ct to Nicole Hudson for $ 180,000.

Robert Joseph Weismann sold the property at 2275 Ferguson Road to Adam and Lisa Scholl for $ 223,000.

Lydelle Jackson sold the property at 4408 Laurel Oak Drive to Tracey Aronson for $ 175,000.

Vincent Rutledge sold the property at 4441 Laurel Oak Drive to Benjamin Patterson and Megan Buccieri for $ 183,900.

Hampton Development Co. LLC sold the property at 3281 Long Meadow Drive to David and Courtney Chesin Vadnais for $ 880,000.

Adam Seitz sold the property at 2384 McKee Drive to Russell Griffith Jr. and Maria Gonzalez-Griffith for $ 480,000.

The Richard Nickel estate sold the property at 2578 Red Oak Ct to Kenneth and Lorraine Johnston for $ 330,000.

John Bateman Jr. sold the property at 4974 Summit Drive to Patrick Dalsass and Lisa Weddell for $ 455,000.

David Vivino sold the property at 4636 Sylvan Drive to Angela Marie Raimondi for $ 400,000.


The estate of Reddy Vucelich sold the property at 11 Blueberry Ln to Zoiya MacDougall LLC for $ 154,900.

Martin Gregorio sold the 2009 Mallard Ln property to MGB Capital LLC for $ 160,000.

Shawn MacDonald sold the property at 513 Rockport Pl to Shawn MacDonald for $ 183,825.

Christopher Lake sold the property at 118 Sewickley Farm Cir to Matthew and Stacy Davis for $ 857,000.

Ian Wild sold the property at 130 Watson Drive to Vainshtein RE LLC for $ 283,000.


Victor Hartman sold the property at 311 Birch Ave. to Victor and Christine Hartman for $ 50,000.

Grant Rorison sold the property at 702 Cottingham Drive to Eden Elizabeth Watterson for $ 195,000.

Mary Lutton sold the property at 234 Dell Ln to Jessica Porter and Jill Schwartzbauer for $ 370,000.

RE Servicing LLC sold a property at 1787 Duncan Ave. to Thomas Turk and Allison Coco for $ 315,000.

The estate of Judith Ann Glover sold the property at 8221 Elaine Drive to Silver Salamander LLC for $ 345,000.

Jamil Mohsin sold the property at 10513 Forest Hill Drive to Pavan Misra and Nandini Dsouza for $ 320,000.

John Delsignore sold the property at 10572 Forest Hill Drive to Arman Nomani and Parisa Rahnama for $ 315,000.

John Beacham sold the property at 2089 Menold Drive to Joshua Anthony and Cathryn Samantha Beacham for $ 175,000.

Jason Maderer sold the property at 1803 N Villa Drive to Monil and Anjali Malhotra for $ 800,000.

Daniel Hodges sold the property at 9469 Peebles Road to Benjamen and Alyssa Reese for $ 275,000.

Daniel Skinner sold the property at 386 Richard Road to John Robert and Sarah Elizabeth Salvatore for $ 400,000.

Cody Wiseman sold a property at 8521 Roosevelt Blvd. to Vincent and Claire Donofrio for $ 352,000.

Mary Elizabeth Smith sold the property at 9375 Timber Trl to Ulises Guillen Ruiz and Adrien Gullen for $ 363,000.

Sandra Skeehan’s estate sold the property at 301 W Ingomar Road to Dannette Renee Diaz for $ 222,000.


Charles Pupich sold the property at 144 Meade Street to Prosper Firm Capital LLC for $ 625,000.


Jeffrey Stephen Roberts sold a property at 107 Berkshire Ct to Benjamin and Amy Hurtuk for $ 500,312.


NVR Inc. sold a property at 517 Cambridge Ct to Christopher and Lauren Zappa for $ 842,321.

Neeraj Varshney sold a property at 2049 Golden Grove Drive to Andrew and Theresa Celender for $ 567,000.

Suzanne Elizabeth Duff sold a property at 163 Logan Road to Jason Theodore and Caitlin Marie Ewing for $ 427,500.

Lake MacLeod LP sold the 401 Macmillan Way property to Charles Jason and Sarah Katherine Hoover for $ 237,000.

Joel Hirschboeck sold a property at 813 Mt. Pleasant Road to Nektarios and Jill Leontiadis for $ 1,300,000.

James Gibron sold the property at 307 Pine Wood Drive to Adam and Rebecca Faricellie for $ 731,000.

Timothy Cole sold the property at 140 Richard Ln to Thomas and Elizabeth Cole for $ 175,000.


Matthew Vybiral sold a property at 2750 Mt. Troy Road to West Penn Properties Group LLC for $ 12,000.


Charles Lubic sold the property at 324 Allison Road to Nicklaus and Christa Noce for $ 445,000.

TOA Richland LLC sold the 308 American Way property to William and Jane Isobel Marks for $ 554,737.

Peter Eichenlaub sold the property at 219 Arborwood Drive to Jason and Kara Troyer for $ 301,000.

Nulife Properties LLC sold the property at 4027 Cook Road to Gregory Peters for $ 230,000.

Anthony Marfisi sold the property at 1017 High Meadows Drive to Sarabjit Kaur for $ 480,000.

The Internal Revenue Service sold the property at 5607 Meridian Road to David and Kathryn Stadler for $ 86,001.

Richard Alan Miller sold the property at 5909 Station Hill Road to Guy and Maria Amato for $ 68,500.

Ryan Donovan sold the property at 1157 Woodhill Drive to Jeffrey and Cynthia Bender for $ 421,500.

Paul Moudry sold the property at 532 Yorktown Drive to Paul Po-On and Ming Tong for $ 209,625.


Tyche Properties LLC sold the property at 496 Bascom Ave. to Brian McBane for $ 161,000.

James Davis sold the 203 Blaze Drive property to Cory Weiland for $ 251,000.

1020 Grandview LLC has sold a property at 1020 Grandview Ave. to Olivia Graham for $ 215,000.

Bernard Jockel sold the property at 14 Hanway Street to Aaron Zarko and Alexis Belevedere for $ 255,000.

Patricia Langel’s estate sold the property at 364 Hawthorn Ct to Denise Powell for $ 195,900.

Diane Grego trustee sold the property at Mayer Drive to Richard and Heather Victor for $ 3,000.

James Keally sold the property at 611 Park Pl to William Clarence and Doreen Theresa Longo for $ 227,000.

Robert Cancilla sold the property at 133 Peony Ave. to Russell and Kristina Eury for $ 355,000.

Jeffrey Werner sold the property at 705 Perry Highway to Laura Lee Brant and Melissa Erin Lebish for $ 168,500.

Jason Gaertner sold the property at 130 Rossmor Ct to Colleen Brickner for $ 187,500.

Marlex Properties LLC sold a property at 105 Seville Avenue to Marc5 H3 LLC for $ 100,000.

The estate of William Frederick Schaefer sold the property at 134 Sunset Drive to Jonathan Graham and Donna Rocco for $ 230,000.

11 Sylvia LLC sold the property at 11 Sylvia Ave. to Angela Cisneros for $ 121,500.

Ayellet Rubinstein sold the property at 121 Twin Oaks Drive to Donald and Laurie J Leverich for $ 97,000.

Richard Andrews sold the 206 Valleyvale Drive property to Aaron and Amber Hagy for $ 240,000.

Jeremy McGinley sold the property at 109 Wedgewood Drive to Seth Allen Tessmer for $ 218,000.


Lawrence Warych’s estate sold the property at 98 Convent Avenue to Landry Jr. & Assoc. LLC for $ 2,000.

Kristen Etzel sold the property at 112 E Littlewood St. to Jeremy Alan and Keriayn Homitsky for $ 160,000.

Charlene Roth sold the property at 111 Ellen Street to Jason Roth for $ 200,000.

Nicklaus Noce sold a property at 6203 Elter Ct to Benjamin and Chelsi Lyn Bocka for $ 237,000.

Fuget Real Estate LLC sold a property at 101 Heather Drive to Hichman and Natalie Kamra for $ 235,000.

Jabe Properties LLC sold the property at 681 Loridge Drive to Pembroke Properties II LLC for $ 135,000.

Robert Hadfield Jr. sold a property at 1315 Mt. Royal Blvd. to Melanie Bieri for $ 365,000.

JRM Investment Realty 2010 sold a property at 238 Parker St. to Kenneth Stalowski III for $ 167,000.

John Landreth sold the property at 114 Rosewood Drive to Nathan and Elyse Young for $ 306,000.

William Kofmehl sold the property at 307 S Highlander Heights Drive to Matthew Antal and Jenna Nelson for $ 330,000.

Joshua Schapiro sold the property at 812 Victory Drive to Jenna Williams for $ 226,000.

The estate of Donna Mae Gerber sold the property at 108 W Sutter Road to Jeffrey Williams for $ 185,000.

Gregory Owczarzak sold the property at 912 W Sutter Road to Matthew Frykenberg and Paulina Rodrigues for $ 355,555.

Melanie Bieri sold the property at 197 Washington St. to Christopher Raul Sandoval and Laurie Flores for $ 262,000.

West view

The Allegheny County Redevelopment Authority sold the property at 22 Amherst Ave. to Stacey Schultz for $ 1,300.

Joyce Agostino sold the property at 89 Beechmont Ave. at 89 Beechmont Ave LLC for $ 84,000.

Albert Dibucci sold the property at 153 Bronx Ave. to Luiz Gentilli and Kelli Andreia Melo for $ 145,000.

Philip Motes sold a property at 360 Columbia Ave. to Aleska and Maria Ostojich for $ 250,000.

John Wesley Snyder sold the property at 208 Frankfort Ave. at 208 Frankfort Avenue LLC for $ 94,734.

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