OC Trailer Sale Reveals Coastal California Real Estate Drama

When you think of real estate agents, do you think of red blazers with protruding shoulder pads, baking cookies to entice potential buyers, and long discussions about whether to forgo an inspection? Well, the Oppenheim Brothers and Netflix changed all that. Occupation received a thick coat of glitz and glamor with the success of the Netflix reality series sell sunset, which follows the drama and intrigue of the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles. And now there’s even more drama to indulge as the Oppenheim brothers head to Orange County, introducing a new set of ultra-competitive and ultra-attractive agents.

Today, Netflix released a new teaser and cast announcement for the upcoming series, which will be titled Sell ​​CO. The new trailer gives us a flashy new look at the upcoming series, which will feature an all-new cast of agents who will find conflict in the office but also at the club, the yacht, the exclusive restaurant patio, the beach and, well, you get the picture. Rather than selling homes in the Hollywood Hills, however, the OC team will showcase beach and cliffside properties that show another side of California’s vast real estate market.


The teaser contains brief introductions to the new cast. The new CO crew consists of Alex roomone of Orange County’s top real estate agents who has built her career on experience and trust with her clientele, Alexandra Jarvisan Alabama Southern Belle who uses her charm and experience as a lawyer to bring her clients a whole new level of expertise, Alexandra Rosewho brings his experience in professional sales to the table, and austin victoriaformer model and current estate agent of the group.

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Also joining the cast are Brandi Marshalla former public relations officer, Gio Helouone of the first agents to start working in Oppenehim Group’s OC office, Kayla Cardonan OC native who started his career at Zillow, and Lauren Britoa California native who has worked in real estate since 2017. Rounding out the cast are Polly Brindlea former English model and current estate agent, Sean PalmieriSouth Florida native and luxury realtor, and Tyler Stanlandfifth-generation realtor and fourth-generation Laguna Beach resident.

No release date for the new series has yet been released. However, you can check out the new teaser below.

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