Real Estate – May 18

The following land transfers were recently recorded in the Hancock County Registrar’s office:

April 26

Bruce and Vivian Haines to Alan F. and Sarah Burch, 576 N. County Road 350W, Buck Creek Township, $ 680,000.

DR Horton – Indiana LLC to Landon B. and Kara DeCrastos, 6631 Aberdeen Drive, McCordsville, $ 271,000.

DR Horton – Indiana LLC to William K. and Brenda K. Dewitt, 3245 S. Cordell Road, New Palestine, $ 341,380.

DR Horton – Indiana LLC to James E. and Jennifer Harney, 2164 Downey Court, Greenfield, $ 248,500.

Joshua R. and Leah A. Sowders in Brandon M. Hill, 959 W. County Road 500S, Brandywine Township, $ 230,000.

Arbor Homes at George M. Iregi, 494 N. Crystal Drive, Fortville, $ 243,705.

The Beyers Family Trust to Eric and Rose Metz, 9777 EUS 40, Jackson Township, $ 690,000.

DR Horton – Indiana LLC to Kenneth G. Moore, 6906 Birmingham Ave., McCordsville, $ 320,559.

Garrett Hammond and Emily Rehfus to Zachary Murphy, 660 N. Granite Drive, Fortville, $ 260,000.

DR Horton – Indiana LLC to Michelle A. Noppenberger, 6671 Laredo Drive, McCordsville, $ 273,365.

Bruce F. and Nancy H. Jeschke at Regions Bank, 6113 W. Redhawk Station, $ 78,600.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Lolita R. Thomas-Brookins, 12052 Fall Court, Cumberland / Buck Creek Township, $ 223,670.

DR Horton – Indiana LLC to Rachael Tennant and William Perrigin, 2794 Winding Creek Lane, Greenfield, $ 188,845.

DR Horton – Indiana LLC to Kelly L. Sheets, 6776 Birmingham Ave., McCordsville, $ 260,000.

DR Horton – Indiana LLC to Sierrah P. Weather, 366 Rocky Road, Greenfield, $ 232,000.

James L. Miles to Landen J. Berwanger, 4209 N. State Road 9, Center Township, $ 189,900.

Zachary L. Myers to Dean Ford, East County Road 1000N, Brown Township, $ 1,281,232.

Jeanne N. Phillips and Cynthia A. Geswein to Robbin L. and Laura A. Harris, 1631 Bowman Drive, Greenfield, $ 290,000.

Irrevocable trust of the Fralich family to Steven P. and Courtney G. Arvola, 133 N. Windswept Road, Greenfield, $ 239,000.

April 27

Susan Bennett and Thomas Bennett at Joshua Smith and Kelly Tipton, 670 Fresno Court, Greenfield, $ 239,900.

Mershon Hill to Kayli Lewman, 418 Winfield St., Greenfield, $ 149,000.

Tamara M. Neighbors of Joseph and Laurene Lonnemann, 111 N. East St., Greenfield, $ 133,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Kimberly and Christopher Wittmann, 2434 S. Montezuma Express Drive, Greenfield, $ 238,000.

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