Real Estate Transactions in the Bridgeville, Scott area for the week of October 24, 2021



Adam Antczak sold the property at 1343 Main Street to Daniel Joseph Woodall II and Leslie Claire Taylor for $ 210,000.

John States sold the property at 244 St. Clair St. to Jermaine Lewis and Shadaia Rice for $ 65,000.

Alia Properties LLC sold a property at 1341 Missouri Ave. to Benjamin and Amy Woytsek for $ 220,000.

Edward Sabarese sold the property at 683 Elizabeth Street to Ian Foster Poureshmenantalemy for $ 115,000.

Everett Weisser sold the property at 338 Prestley Road to Gary and Mary Louise Chabala for $ 166,001.

Robert McMaster sold the property at 332 St. Clair Street to Andrew Stefko and Nicole Costello for $ 137,500.

Michael Murphy sold the 325 Center Street property to Alex Tolbert and Lindsey Leonard for $ 149,500.

Anthony McIntyre sold the property at 1017 Laurel Street to Emma Flickinger for $ 164,000.

George Shepos sold the property at 921 McLaughlin Run Road to PJR Properties LLC for $ 245,000.

Ross Godlove sold the property at 813 Mill St. to Raymond Bancroft and Kelsey Hersh for $ 148,000.

William Michael Dabat sold the property at 122 Prestley Road to Jordan and Tammy Valentine for $ 185,250.


Katherine Grochmal sold the 2009 Atwell Drive property to James Donald and Susan Ann Hoag for $ 300,000.

The estate of John Brennan sold the property at 113 Baldwin Road to Joshua Ryan and Robin Lynn Makar for $ 100,000.

William Hockman sold the property at 607 Freedom Drive to David Brennen for $ 347,000.

CE Gregg Station LP sold the property at 1222 Trailside Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 84,000.

CE Gregg Station LP sold the property at 1226 Trailside Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 84,000.

NVR Inc. sold a property at 1235 Trailside Drive to Jonathan Craig and Deanna Shuba for $ 493,585.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold a property at 4005 Coast Cir to Anthony Ranalli Jr. and Katrina Collins Ranalli for $ 461,352.

Ashley Anne McGovern sold the property at 42 Colecrest Street to Jennifer McKelvey for $ 310,000.

The estate of Raymond Harmuth II sold the property at 45 Dutch Hollow Road to Jill Bryan for $ 101,688.

Leonard Kaplan’s trustee sold the property at 4221 Muirfield Cir to August and Amanda Seibel for $ 692,500.

Edward Radzik’s estate sold the property at 1019 Noblestown Road to Tristan and Aleena Sepp for $ 277,000.

Thomas Smith sold the property at 612 Prestley St. to Peter Carl Argentina for $ 180,000.

CE Gregg Station LP sold the property at 1228 Trailside Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 84,000.

NVR Inc. sold a property at 1230 Trailside Drive to David Phillips and Alexa Seybold for $ 455,835.

NVR Inc. sold a property at 1230 Trailside Drive to John Louis Bonaccorsi for $ 429,400.

NVR Inc. sold a property at 1247 Trailside Drive to Andrew and Kristen Wirfel for $ 448,620.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 1248 Trailside Drive to Paul Ward and Christina Derisco for $ 473,425.

NVR Inc. sold a property at 1250 Trailside Drive to Avinash Maskey and Yurisha Shakya for $ 435,735.

NVR Inc. sold a property at 1253 Trailside Drive to William and Courtney Storch for $ 484,100.

Edward Lidiak sold the property at 605 Cherry Hill Drive to Charles and Lorraine Novelli for $ 415,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 1234 Trailside Drive to Dominic Barbano and Francesca Bonaccorsi for $ 438,415.

CE Gregg Station LP sold the property at 1237 Trailside Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 84,000.

Kenneth Butya’s estate sold the property at 6131 Turnberry Drive to John Milhoan for $ 1,720,000.

Dustin Miller sold a property in Cluxton Road to Charles Alan Connelly Jr. and Alexandra Williams for $ 32,000.

Sarah Grech sold the property at 1001 Gray Fox Cir to Jaclyn Keane for $ 330,000.

John Lugaila sold the property of 1020 Gray Fox Cir to Carey Legister for $ 325,000.

Dennis Hoag sold the Hilltop Road property to Daniel Joseph Moretti and James Andrew Moretti Jr. for $ 80,000.

James Hoag sold the property at 2619 Hilltop Road to Robert and Judy Foster for $ 550,000.


1900 Capital Trust II sold the Garfield Avenue property to Marlex Properties LLC for $ 3,000.

Garry Benish’s estate sold a property at 1917 E Railroad St. to JMB88 LLC for $ 102,942.

Daniel O’Keefe sold a property at 475 Lincoln Ave. to Jeffrey Stevens Fudurich and Sarah Marie Scopel for $ 265,000.

Joshua Makar sold the property at 564 Garfield Ave. to Anthony Vito Bovalina for $ 224,000.

Kenneth Laing III sold a property at 1608 W Railroad St. to Bethany Sidun for $ 190,000.


Joshua Valentine sold the property at 64 Cynthia Drive to Amadeus Hill and Katherine Haring for $ 320,000.

Michael Gielarowski sold the property at Elmbrook Ln 2014 to Diane Roeschenthaler for $ 190,000.

Elizabeth Hurley sold the property at 1422 Great Oak Drive to Ronald Eugene Oshea and Lisa Christine Pappanastasiou for $ 318,110.

Patricia Scott sold the property at 52 Greenbriar Drive to Kostadin Tudjarov and Marija Simovska Tudjarov for $ 136,000.

Kristopher Andrew Keith sold the property of 700 Highpointe Cir # 7A to Dmitri and Nadejda Goutman for $ 363,000.

Ryan Telepo sold the property at 1839 Hughes St. to Nicholas Tullio for $ 143,000.

John McGonigle sold the property at 168 Jamestown Ct to Marlene Lynch for $ 160,000.

Alexandra McGonigle sold the property at 388 Newburn Drive to Patrick Gannon for $ 173,000.

Michael Kucsma sold the property at 12 Old Washington Pike to Collier Development LP for $ 450,072.

Zachary Blaner sold the property at 690 Robinwood Drive Apt D to Phillip and Rose Pacey for $ 115,000.

Geoffrey Erhart sold the property at 920 Adam Drive Apt G to Jacob Laskey for $ 129,989.

Lawrence Schnurr Jr. sold the 111 Church Street property to Michael Paul and Nicole Little for $ 306,700.

The estate of Catherine Murlis sold the property at 1530 Greentree Road to Timothy Colamarino for $ 177,000.

Harry Hardman sadly sold the property at 604 Hope St. to Natasha Phillips for $ 205,000.

Christopher Brehm sold the property at 722 Hope St. to Alexander Samuel and Anna Kathleen Campbell for $ 240,000.

Robert Henke’s estate sold the property at 409 Kismet Street to Linda Barry for $ 125,000.

St. Maron & Our Lady Of Victory Church sold a property at 1000 Lindsay Road to Flash Point Partners LLC for $ 618,750.

Eileen Kane’s trustee sold the Noblestown Road property to Lucio Gutierrez and Rosa M Fernandez Alvarado for $ 11,350.

Charles Kuzniewski II sold the property at 1632 Pembroke Drive to Shane Eggert and Anna Flood for $ 250,000.

Nancy Dean Lolli’s estate sold the property at 721 Robin Drive to Rehman Butt for $ 275,000.

Andrew Vietmeier sold the property at 344 Rockfield Road to Jeffrey Faulring for $ 222,000.

Catherine Kutz sold the property at 345 Ryan Drive to Jennifer Solomon for $ 242,000.

Janet Mihalick’s estate sold a property at 2015 Spring Hill Ct to Robert and Katherine Swatko for $ 235,000.

The estate of Norbert Matthew Sikorski sold the property at 522 Summit St. to Randall Weeber for $ 155,000.

Kiersten Wagner sold the property at 2034 Swallow Hill Road Apt 402 to Robert Renk for $ 122,000.

UCG Thirty Five LLC sold a property at 1944 Worcester Drive to Jason Stahl and Kristen Rozella for $ 275,000.

Christopher Breisinger sold the property at 2039 Worcester Drive to Matthew Charles Anderson and Heather Marie Toms for $ 302,000.

Richard Harpbaugh sold the property at 348 Boroview Ave. to Ronald and Nicole Jasick for $ 138,500.

Kayla Skeba sold a property at 511 Center St. Rear to Chan United Pennsylvania Three LLC for $ 79,000.

Mario Burello’s estate sold a property at 1230 Chatham Park Drive Unit G to Duy and Trang Nguyen for $ 147,000.

Melissa Nemenz sold the property at 1010 Margarite Drive Unit A to Donald McFarland for $ 139,000.

Jeremiah Fitzgerald sold the property at 2335 Old Greentree Road to DSM II LLC for $ 81,000.

Anglea Wicken sold the property at 2034 Swallow Hill Court Unit 206 to Michael Mitchell et al. and James Mullin for $ 140,000.

Michele Roper sold the property at 2034 Swallow Hill Road Unit 326 to Steven and Barbara Porter trustee for $ 108,000.

Steven Tighe sold the property at 427 Montgomery Ave. to Charmaine Alston Romano for $ 75,000.

Dennis Habovick sold the 325 Old Washington Pike property to Rosie Miller LLC for $ 65,000.

The estate of George Siskawicz sold the property at 717 Orchard Street to William Heidkamp and Karie Dunn-Golden for $ 230,250.

Patricia Haines sold the property at 419 Pierina Drive to Natalie Kane for $ 165,000.

Brian Belonzi sold the property at 282 The Pines Drive to Amanda Wolfe for $ 301,000.

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