Real estate transactions in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh for the week of August 7, 2022


The Estate of John Yesko sold the property at 123 Lynnwood Ave. to Irina Voytsekhova for $85,000.


Kathleen Conley has sold a property at 30 McKelvey Ave. to Timothy Savisky for $115,000.

John Wilson sold a property at 149 Pennwood Ave. to Ryan Dammerman for $475,000.

wooded hills

John Michael Omalley has sold a property at 128 Avenue A to Tobias Batts and Jaclyn Parsley for $174,900.

Kurt Liebmann has sold a property at 152 Avenue A to Inman J Properties LLC for $95,000.

Thomas Gallagher sold the property at 425 Braddock Road to Robert and Katherine Carter Trustee for $225,000.

The Estate of Eleanore Barovitch sold the property at 110 Hawthorne Road to Peter Spirtes and Susan Sterrett for $240,000.

John Ustazewski Jr. sold property at 131 Sumner Ave. to Citylife East LLC for $115,000.

Daniel Robbins has sold a property at 18 Wilkins Road to Kathryn Maloney for $149,000.


Nvr Inc. sold the property at 111 Armor Drive to Scott Trampus and Susan Marie O’Connor for $346,070.

Devon Pale sold a property at 4728 Bert Drive to Robert Rexrode for $202,000.

Barr Property Development Inc. has sold a property at 716 Bittersweet Road to Second Ave SFR Holdings II LLC for $200,000.

Marjorie McMaster sold the property at 1243 Catalina Drive to Dana and Julie Babal for $240,000.

The estate of Duane Rudolph Schmiedel sold the property at 632 Dahlia Drive to Tiffany Ann McFall for $115,000.

SFR 3000 LLC sold a property at 936 Garden City Drive to SFR 3050 LLC for $106,500.

Maplecrest LLC sold the property at 510 Hogan Drive to NVR Inc. for $83,300.

Ralph Brown sold a property at 1600 James St. to Erwin Ferrer and Elba E Fuenmayor Deferrer for $188,000.

Jenna Marie Luczka has sold a property at 543 Lakewood Drive to Niketkumar Mistry for $199,000.

Darlene Gensler sold the property at 247 Maple Drive to Erik Gensler II for $120,000.

Eric Bimber sold the property at 105 Maplecrest Ln to Nathan Wesley Banks and David Fraticelli for $180,000.

Nvr Inc. has sold a property at 322 Nelson Drive to Charles Fernando Abraham and Shanthi Soganapalli Mathias for $398,855.

Ann Marie Yosinski has sold a property at 228 Noel Drive to Jeremy and April Vogel for $125,000.

William Ross has sold a property at 105 Penn Lear Drive to Alton and Monica Mitchell for $215,000.

Administrator James Ray Johnston sold the property at 126 Penn Lear Drive to Stephen and Linda Mae White for $340,000.

Theresa Lynn Hester sold the property at 625 Pinefrost Drive to Gordon and Mary Daisy Leaf for $167,500.


David Helton sold the property at 117 Third St. to Matthew and Sarah Martin Bowers for $550,000.

Shari Zavarella has sold a property at 516 Fourth St. to James and Alissa Panichella for $570,000.

Johnathan Marzullo has sold a property at 521 Fourth St. to Andrew and Kristyn Sprague for $430,000.

Brooks & Blair Homes Oakmont LLC has sold a property at 15 Carolina Ave. to Mark Rippy and Evan Klein for $1,100,000.

Brooks & Blair Homes Oakmont LLC has sold a property at 6 Carolina Ave. to Jeffrey and Ferne Weinberg for $999,527.

Jonathan Dailey has sold a property at 518 Isabella St. to Carly Campbell for $185,000.

Penn Hills

Lorraine Ann Richardson has sold a property at 8255 Aber Road to Christopher Kagle Jr. for $130,500.

Joseph Scaringi Jr. sold a property at 930 Cedarwood Drive to Raghu Gollapalli for $165,000.

Premier Redevelopment Inc. sold the property at 7923 Chaske St. to Charmaine Wynn for $114,900.

The Estate of Kent Glenn Taylor has sold a property at 8916 Frankstown Road to One City Development LLC for $10,000.

The estate of Paul Seeman sold the property at 627 Gail Drive to Casey Jo Ochoa-Sanchez for $148,400.

The estate of Diane McKissick sold the property at 253 Garlow Drive to Bartling Property Ventures LLC for $117,000.

Siven LLC sold a property at 276 Hazel Road to Michael Drain and Robin Elizabeth McCann for $129,900.

David Lindsay has sold a property at 5843 Heberton Drive to Kenneth and Mary Schivens for $175,000.

TOC Management LLC has sold a property at 414 Hochberg Road to David Celcia for $229,770.

Mark Manuppelli has sold the property at 615 Homewood Drive to Austin Lussier for $135,000.

Jamal Jursari Woodson has sold a property at 250 Hulton Road to David Kerr for $195,000.

The Estate of Philip Garvin Isaac sold the property at 400 Janice Drive to Deen and Qingsui Lin for $38,500.

Michael Gann sold the property at 11606 Joan Drive to David and Andrea Frederick for $165,000.

Krista Lynne Kyle has sold a property at 12128 Joan Drive to Leah Sutter and Stephanie Gawroriski for $155,000.

Michael Stambolis sold the property at 486-488 Long Road to Emily and Kristy Fraser for $175,000.

Anita Vazzana has sold a property at 1556 Loretta Drive to Rebecca Wick for $190,000.

Fahima Gaheez has sold a property at 1321 Maple Ave. to Chelsea Juschitsch for $205,000.

Vladislav Lamnaru has sold a property at 321 Marshall Drive to Nelson Bonilla and Mayra Cecibel Debonilla for $190,000.

The Estate of Richard Orr sold the property at 310 McGregor Drive to Celeta Smith for $130,700.

Shawn Falls has sold property at 3 Michigan Road in Prince Linton and Kim Lake for $262,000.

RJS Family Partner. LP sold a property at 819 North Ave. to Sara Schultheis for $35,000.

Terrance Montue has sold a property at 2023 Palm Ave. to Chase Patrone for $125,000.

Jenifer Caltagirone has sold a property at 231 Rodi Road to LA Villa Luxe LLC for $8,500.

Charles Kotvas sold a property at 524 St. Clair Drive to Samuel Tumminello for $133,000.

Kathy Anderson has sold a property at 7329 Saltsburg Road to Plum Mgmt Co. LLC for $360,000.

RTR Failla LP sold the property at 111 Sandy Creek Road to Michelle Peters for $250,000.

Bryan McSorley sold a property at 1317 White Oak Drive to Sandra Stence for $182,500.

Charlotte Geringer has sold the property at 121 Windsor Drive to Jake Fortin and Cecilia Cairns for $125,000.


Ibuypittsburgh Inc. sold a property at 478 Broadway St. to Four 478 Broadway Project LLC for $69,900.


Joel Doty has sold a property at 1544 Abers Creek Road to Kyle Miller and Michaela Yaw for $249,999.

Ronald Leach sold the property at 213 Alcan Drive to Andrew Allegro for $122,000.

James Seanor has sold a property at 668 Carnival Drive in Dallas Austin Baciak and Rayna Oneal Donatelli for $260,000.

The Estate of Patricia McDonald sold the property at 550 Elicker Road to Devin and Kelli McDonald for $490,000.

The estate of Clarence Koerntgen sold the property at 122 Francis Road to Justin Stresky and Amber Jackson for $150,000.

Brian Miller sold the property at 20 Kellywood Ct to Kiplin Richard and Tara Jean Schaaf for $375,000.

The Estate of Frederick Sciulli sold the property at 820 Mt. Hood Drive to Commercial Acquisitions LLC for $184,900.

Theresa Pietrowski has sold a property at 405 Mower Drive to William and Victoria Leisner for $190,000.

Nico Dongiovanni has sold a property at 4125 New Texas Road to Mark Sevel for $125,000.

Sandra Pendro has sold a property at 250 Oak Road to Horizon Homes Pittsburgh LLC for $95,000.

The Estate of Lois Mae Shirley sold the property at 434 Almost Isle Drive to Anthony Delcuda and Michele Cuda for $200,500.

Anthony Russo has sold a property at 456 Regency Drive to Byron Natalio Perez Blanco for $229,900.

Brenton Kemp sold the property at 72 Sierra Drive to BGRS LLC for $197,500.


Stephen Peeples has sold a property at 96 Jeremias St. to Jeremias Village LLC for $405,000.

Zachary Davis has sold a property at 1425 Macon Ave. to Trent Greguhn and Audrey Fretz for $435,000.

Jeffrey Smith has sold a property at 1701 Miriam St. to Anne Sinclair Goodman for $270,000.

Turtle Creek

Thanh Lu sold a property at 335-1/2 and Larimer Ave. to Abbottsinch LLC for $149,900.


Daniel Lee Martincic has sold a property at 247 Allegheny Ave. to Aztec Realty LLC for $50,000.


Chester James Marshall has sold a property at 661 Highland Ave. to Gregory and Diane Scott for $35,000.

Lori Hohn has sold a property at 138 Powell St. to VB One LLC for $100,000.

Robert Liscio has sold a property at 157 Queenston Drive to Ryan and Amanda Liscio for $90,000.


The Estate of Marilyn Brody sold the property at 7339 Beacon Hill Drive to Robin and Blair Madison for $110,000.

Brian Smith has sold a property at 214 Biddle Ave. to John Buck for $415,000.

Lorena Amos has sold a property at 2233 Chalfant Street to Daniel Hanson for $105,000.

MFT RE Holdings LLC sold the property located at 317 Whitney Ave. to Integrity Mtg Note FD I LLC for $16,600.


The Estate of Albert Graham sold the property at 204 Fairview Drive to Ashley and Mary Brehm for $200,000.


Frank Catanzano has sold a property at 5090 Cole Road to Brett and Lauren Cox for $485,000.

Ohana Management Group LLC has sold a property at 111 Georgetown Ln to Daniel Quinn for $97,000.

Karl Larsen sold a property at 4823 Logan Ferry Road to Stanley Allen Thiel Jr. and Kathy Ann Thiel for $300,000.

FEM Manor Road LLC has sold a property at 724 Manor Road to Realty Income Corp. for $6,500,110.

Steven Sebastian sold the property at 5060-5062 Pennsylvania St. to James and Sherri Armstrong for $80,000.

Jason David Blumenfield sold the property at 5059 Sequoia Ct to Alexander and Julianne Conard for $360,000.

North Huntingdon

Peter Reitz sold the property at 12230 Adams Drive to Lynnette Kinter for $275,000.

All Star Building Inc. has sold a property at 3097 Derby Ct to David and Claudia Scott for $419,500.

Dennis Bierbower sold the property at 9041 Lucia Ln to Peter and Susan Reitz for $465,000.

Brett Fulton has sold a property at 661 Meadow Road to Gary and Ella Filson for $330,000.

Julie Leeper has sold a property at 338 Mineral St. to Ky Crochiere for $119,000.

North Irwin

Thomas Joseph Harrison sold a property at 78 Lincoln Ave. to Thomas Joseph Harrison Jr. for $139,900.

Township of Penn

William Carrera’s administrator sold the property at 108 Alexander Drive to Michael Andiorio Jr. and Christina Andiorio for $183,000.

Barney Kistler sold the property at 1016 Crab Apple Ct to William McKeever Jr. and Marie McKeever for $558,500.

The Estate of Rose Egnatz sold the property at 1095 Sandy Hill Road to General B LLC for $990,000.

Wallace Shaffer sold a property at 1016 Walnut St. to Tammy Jones for $142,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 1063 Wedgewood Drive to Zachary Andrew and Kali Elizabeth Pennington for $500,930.


Deborah Weeks has sold a property at 413 Timber Drive to Lynne Botti for $160,000.

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