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The following real estate transactions are $10,000 or more:

Cambria County

Kali Giebfried of John M. Shaw, property in Richland Township, $87,500.

Albert R. Kuzilla Jr. of Albert Paul Kuzilla Sr., owned in Nanty Glo Borough, $45,000.

Aaron E. Labarko of Pasquale Midile, Johnstown 10th Ward property, $12,000.

Max R. Pavlovich of Clarence E. Keiper, property in Stonycreek Township, $30,000.

Zolbe family revocable trust of Nancy E. Heberie, property in the Borough of Southmont, $47,000.

Ronald C. Dickert of Jennifer L. Veney, property in Richland Township, $145,000.

Gregory Vinter of Joseph Roberts, owned by the 8th Borough of Johnstown, $11,895.92.

Mark A. Butler of Bobby G. Wells, estate in Hastings Borough, $69,000.

Denise Sanders of Bernetta Martin, owned in White Township, $22,000.

Thomas Edward Coukart Jr. of Cheryl Boback, owned in Portage Borough, $45,000.

Zachary Lovely of Andrea M. Hull, property in the Borough of Westmont, $210,000.

Matthew J. Metzgar of Junast LLC, property in the 17th district of Johnstown, $29,000.

Robert Tasker of Jennifer L. Brent, property in Richland Township, $75,000.

Jeffrey A. King of EJ Holtz Sewer Plant Inc., property in Allegheny Township, $10,000.

Michael A. Vocco of Eric F. Huffman, owned in Ferndale Borough, $80,000.

Joseph Christopher Clarkin of US Bank NA, property in Lower Yoder Township, $53,000.

Samuel Zearfoss of Wagner Family Revocable Trust, by trustee, property in Adams Township, $243,000.

728 Cypress Ave. LLC of Hortense V. Martinez, property in the 17th district of Johnstown, $25,000.

William L. Hoover of Aldrich Bakale Family Trust, by trustee, property in East Carroll Township, $20,000.

Zachary C. Miller of Aaron W. Roberts, property in Blacklick Township, $100,000.

Michael Smith of Wind Enterprises Limited Partnership, property in Cambria Township, $326,700.

MJ Daniels Holdings LLC of Donna Lee Sender, owned in West Taylor Township, $489,000.

Joseph M. Wendekier of Thomas J. Davis, property in Elder Township, $359,900.

Evan Tyler Ferguson of Constance L. Augustine Living Trust, by trustee, property in Barr Township, $252,500.

Gregory A. Owens Jr. of Skills of Central Pennsylvania Inc., owned in Clearfield Township, $72,900.

Scott Fetzer of Ernest Boring Jr., Johnstown 18th Borough Property, $20,000.

Beverly Jo Cooney of James E. Little, by attorney, owned in Munster Township, $407,000.

Andrew J. Michaels Jr. of Michael S. Sajatovich, owned in Nanty Glo Borough, $41,200.

Douglas S. Banda of Frances Lee Banda, property in the 9th district of Johnstown, $12,000.

David W. Willett of Thomas J. Kasecky, owned in Nanty Glo Borough, $40,000.

Ona E. Brewer of Judy Decort, property in the Borough of Portage, $79,000.

Galleria Drive LLC of Ootb Johnstown LLC, property in Richland Township, $500,000.

Dyanna Lynn Miller of Edward Lee Tedjeske, owned in Geistown Borough, $100,000.

George C. Sabo of Betty Sabo Lambrich, property in Stonycreek Township, $105,000.

L&J Oil Field Services Inc. of Baron E. Krug, owned in East Carroll Township, $120,000.

Starmount Investment Group of Rita P. Clark, by attorney, property in the 19th district of Johnstown, $27,500.

Lisa Lynn Mummert of Carrie A. Fetzko, property in Upper Yoder Township, $156,500.

Westmont Investment Properties LLC of Anne Marie Puto, property in Richland Township, $70,000.

Mabry A. Brown of Dale R. Ritchey, property in Jackson Township, $127,000.

Anthony Rozich of James R. Adams, property in Upper Yoder Township, $15,000.

Ryan Cogis of Thomas A. Cogis, owned in Geistown Borough, $218,000.

Shawn Rusnak of Robert Barmoy, property in Upper Yoder Township, $170,000.

Nemo Hirschberg by Shawn A. Rusnak, property in the borough of Southmont, $112,000.

Merakey PA of Cycor Development Inc., property in Cresson Township, $125,000.

Daniel John Defrances of James R. Winski Jr., owned in Westmont Borough, $180,000.

Robert M. Raiigh Jr. of Tammy A. Raiigh, property in Chest Township, $80,750.

Stephen E. Mattis Jr. of Gerald W. Gilkey, property in Jackson Township, $260,000.

Bradley S. Klock of the PA Housing Finance Agency, property in Portage Borough, $25,000.

Colvin Corp. of Mark S. Rychak, owned in Geistown Borough, $230,000.

Robert K. Eckenrode of Mary F. Little, estate in Chest Springs Borough, $115,000.

Merakey Pennsylvania of Cycor Development Inc., property in Portage Township, $175,000.

Anthony Bodenstein of Deborah L. Blasko, property in the 8th district of Johnstown, $48,500.

County of Somerset

Kristy Mattis of David G. Moore, owned in Windber Borough, $129,000.

Judy Shaffer Living Trust of Penn Heritage Holdings LLC, owned by Somerset Borough, $69,900.

Kedrick Lee Lapp Jr. of Eric S. Craig, owned in Brothersvalley Township, $32,500.

Dennis M. Miller of David P. Taylor, property in Quemahoning Township, $60,000.

Travis Gaelan Summers of the Richard F. Lambert Estate, property in Conemaugh Township, $139,900.

Trailside Trading LLC of George William Snyder, owned in Confluence Borough, $30,000.

VRSS Holdings LLC of Seven Springs Mountain Resort, owned in Middlecreek Township, $67,730,667.

Matthew W. Seifert of John E. Mitchell, owned in Rockwood Borough, $90,000.

HB Property Holdings LLC of Rita M. Halverson, property in the borough of Berlin, $128,000.

Lea B. Green of Westover General Partnership, owned in Windber Borough, $77,000.

Makayla Knecht by Thomas Garlitz, owned in Salisbury Borough, $175,000.

Karen Gal-Or of Carolyn Panizza, property in Jefferson Township, $197,500.

Christy A. Drake of Wayne E. Fleegle Estate, property in Stonycreek Township, $125,000.

Alexandre Dombrovski of John L. Scarfutti, property in Middlecreek Township, $296,500.

John F. Eshenbaugh of 304 Investments LLC, owned in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, $449,900.

Jeffery McIntire of Guy E. Walker, property in Somerset Township, $190,000.

Will O. Stevenson Jr. of Sharon L. Collins Estate, property in Shade Township, $14,500.

Emert Living Trust of Dianne Gahagan, property in Jefferson Township, $165,500.

Nathaniel F. Bankes of Sandra L. Benning, property in Brothersvalley Township, $220,000.

Ethan Keefer of Robert A. Yench Jr., property in Milford Township, $300,000.

John E. Molinda of Robert A. Kerr, property in Middlecreek Township, $109,000.

Amy Michell Rabins of Christina A. Swansiger Estate, property in Windber Borough, $65,000.

Adam Borodach of Robert G. Williams, property in Conemaugh Township, $117,000.

Clay E. Logsdon of Victoria A. Gongaware, property in Southampton Township, $33,000.

Benjamin L. Benedict of Elijah J. Bremer-Father Designee, estate in Boswell Borough, $35,000.

Thomas Wainwright of Edward Rose, property in Conemaugh Township, $57,000.

Randy M. Gindlesperger of the Malvin Harry Gindlesperger Estate, owned by the Township of Paint, $100,000.

Jason Lesniewski of Tammy L. Dunn, property in Lower Turkeyfoot Township, $33,000.

Laurel Highlands Lodging LLC of Toni Barefoot, property in Addison Township, $212,500.

Wampum Hardware Co. of William J. Woodward Estate, owned in Stonycreek Township, $10,000.

Michael Troy Wise of Edna Mae McNelly Estate, owned by Somerset Borough, $320,000.

Renomax LLC of Archie C. Matha Estate, owned in Indian Lake Borough, $215,000.

Angela N. Stayrook of Johnny J. Stiffey, property in Northampton Township, $150,000.

Ondesko Family Ltd. Partnership of Michael E. Ondesko Jr., owned in Conemaugh Township, $36,027.20.

Brandee Thompson Colletti of CLB Property Holdings Inc., property in Jefferson Township, $147,600.

Johnny J. Stiffey of Margaret A. Tinley, property in Somerset Township, $287,500.

James Bruce of Robert A. Lushko, owned in Paint Borough, $134,900.

Matthew L. Diersen of 304 Investments LLC, owned in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, $75,000.

Christopher William Slezak of 304 Investments LLC, owned in Upper Turkeyfoot Township, $120,000.

Joseph James Porras of John E. Centi, estate in Somerset Borough, $280,000.

Kyle I. Sterner of Jeannette E. Metz, property in Jefferson Township, $64,068.80.

Keith Mark Coleman of Gregory L. McClellan, property in Shade Township, $69,000.

Laurel Highlands Lodging LLC of Mary E. Meininger, owned in Addison Borough, $99,654.40.

Laurel Highlands Lodging LLC of Mary E. Meininger, owned in Addison Borough, $43,534.40.

Kate Lynn Christner of Joy Meyer, property in Somerset Township, $345,000.

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