Space news: UK CEO wants to claim a planet…and it’s not Mars: ‘If it ain’t me, somebody will’ | Science | New

He added: “Is it my ambition to claim a planet? Well, the interesting thing about silver is that it’s developed for a planet where we all live.

“That means we have to be close to each other to take advantage of this money.

“If my grandchildren can go to another planet, then they will devalue my currency – they can’t take it with them.

“So we need an interplanetary currency – if everyone starts flying different distances, we have to deal with relativity.

“So what will be the commodity they could trade in the future world? One of them may be planets.”

It is estimated that there could be up to 300 million potentially habitable planets in our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Mr Dinan, who is also a former Made In Chelsea star, said being the first to claim one would be a smart investment.

He added: “The further you get from Earth, the more realistic these planets become and the more valuable they become.

“One day you may be able to say ‘I own this many planets’ and as technology increases they become more accessible.


It will house the world’s largest tokamak – the machine that confines plasma using donut-shaped magnetic fields that scientists call a torus.

But, in the vacuum of space, this process can be created much more easily – as Mr Dinan says, it’s “ultimately where the stars are”.

He added: “Fusion means we’re not just this species that ends up starting to destroy all the resources on our planet and then blowing ourselves up.

“We don’t know our future, but if we can do fusion, that means we can cleanly power our planet forever, and that means we can actually leave our solar system.

“The speed at which rocket engines that use fire travel will never give us that speed.

“Pulsar knows we can build a fusion rocket engine long before anyone builds a fusion power plant.”

Pulsar recently tested its plasma engine which will be used to propel its rocket into orbit.

And it plans to test its nuclear reactor on Earth next year.

This, according to Mr. Dinan, prepares his company to test its fusion rocket by 2027.

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