Talking Strange: Bigfoot Hunt, Kesha Gets Scary, and Conjuring House Sold

Jack Osbourne Chases Bigfoot With Jason Mewes, Plus Kesha’s Spooky Bucket List

Jay trades Silent Bob for Bigfoot and Jack Osbourne. Travel Channel announced this week that actor Jason Mewes (Clerks, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob strike back) would join Osbourne – paranormal enthusiast, producer and host of The Osbournes want to believe and co-principal investigator on Portals to Hell — for a two-hour “Legendary Creature Outback Wild Hunt” on Sunday, June 26. Entitled The Night of Terror by Jack Osbourne: Bigfoot, the peculiarity of the pair exploring the Priest Lake area in Idaho, as well as consulting with Sasquatch researchers. It looks like a lot of footsie snootchie bootchie.

Meanwhile, musician Kesha joins Discovery+ to Summon Keshaa supernatural exploration series launching on Friday, July 8, where the pop superstar seeks to “broaden his understanding of the universe, traveling to the heart of darkness, while checking his paranormal bucket list.”

Over the course of six episodes, and with guests such as comedian Whitney Cummings, she hunts ghosts at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Tennessee, chases Bigfoot at Mount Shasta in California, and films at an Odd Fellows lodge. Paranormal pop culture, indeed.

(Source: travel channel)

This week on the Talking Strange podcast

Roz Hernandez, comedian, semi-retired drag queen and podcast host, Phantom ! By Roz Hernández speaks of his love for Celebrity Ghost Stories! and wonders why we haven’t found Bigfoot yet. Listen below:

Until next time: be nice, stay spooky and stay weird.

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