The absence of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from the royal contest is “very revealing” | royal | New

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have returned to Los Angeles after a brief visit to the UK to join celebrations marking the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The couple’s absence from the closing show outside Buckingham Palace is “revealing” according to royal expert Victoria Arbiter, who believes an opportunity to bridge the ongoing rift between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family may have -be missed.

Ms Arbiter told Sunrise: “I think what’s quite telling is the fact that Harry and Megan weren’t at the concert at The Palace on Saturday night.

“They weren’t in the contest, and that shows there may be a permanent freeze.

“It wasn’t the weekend where there was going to be a lot of time for this family to get together and talk behind the scenes.

“This family needs this private time behind the scenes, but the program was incredibly intense.”

She added: “So I think some people were hoping they could stay for a few days to have a private bonding time with a family and maybe a chance to talk about their struggles.

“But Harry and Megan flew to California before the contest even started on Sunday.

“So I think yes, there is ongoing tension, but for that to be resolved, all parties are going to want to talk and maybe they’re not ready yet.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex returned to the royal fold for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations – but their relegated seats were a telltale sign of their changing status.

They were personally escorted by Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alexander Matheson de Matheson, the Queen’s Senior Usher.

With few happenings at major royal occasions choreographed by chance, it seemed like an acknowledgment of Harry’s place as sixth in line and a former reserve for the heir and the way things were going.

Meghan, dressed in a sleek Dior trench coat and matching hat, smiled as she walked through the church, while Harry occasionally bit his lip, while also greeting members of the congregation.

There was no obvious interaction shown on the TV camera between Harry and his brother William, who have long faced a breakup, nor the Duke and Charles who also had a troubled relationship, or between Meghan and Kate.

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