The Crowd: 65 people jump off Newport Pier during a fundraiser for the Junior Lifeguard building

In Newport Beach, 65 citizens took a giant leap from Newport Pier on August 13 on behalf of the Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard Foundation. The jumpers – aged 40 to 70 – represented a group of generous donors supporting the foundation with a donation of $ 1,000 or more to build a new Junior Lifeguard headquarters on the sand.

Jake janz of Newport’s Arbor Real Estate and Graham harvey Arcon Insurance were the organizers of the jump in coordination with the Newport Beach lifeguards on site.

“We had a solid yellow flag and some fog on the day of the jump,” said Harvey. “A lot of the feedback we got from the jumpers was that the jump was super fun, but getting out of the surf line was a challenge. Most of the jumpers left the event with a well-deserved sense of respect for the junior lifeguards and the Newport Beach Lifeguard Department. The Newport Beach lifeguards did a great job in organizing the event and keeping the participants safe.

The founding effort, led by Newport’s John wortmann, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Balboa Bay Club, has successfully raised over $ 1.7 million, meeting the fundraising goal set by the City of Newport Beach by providing matching funds for the go-ahead to the construction of the new headquarters.

Shannon, Charlotte and James Papazis at the Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard Foundation fundraising event.

(Courtesy of Jake Janz)

Janz has a very personal connection to the project, following the loss of the rescuer Ben carlson A few years ago.

“Since we lost Ben, our family [Janz/Carlson] had a special connection with the lifeguard community, ”Janz said. “Following the unveiling of his statue at Newport Pier, I redirected my energy to the future of the department and joined the NBJG Foundation Board of Trustees to help boost fundraising efforts for the permanent Newport Beach Junior Guard building. “

The 2020/2021 U.S. Olympic team in Tokyo has proven to be the year of women. Southern California, and OC in particular, have delivered female champions in various sports. Among the stars, two young women winning gold; water polo stars Kaleigh Gilchrist and Maddie musselman. Gilchrist and Musselman have already won gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. They are one of 64 female athletes from the United States to win medals.

The United States women's water polo team accepts the gold medal for the 2020/2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The United States women’s water polo team accepts the gold medal for the 2020/2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

(Gary Ambroise)

In Newport Beach, the Balboa Bay Club’s youth sports programs have brought accomplished athletes to the Olympics over the decades. Joining the BBC’s Gilchrist and Musselman, winning Olympic treasure this summer have been Robert ridland (equestrian trainer whose team won silver), Alex wolf (United States Water Polo), Luca Capido (United States Water Polo), Sam mikulak (gymnastic), Kelly claes (beach volleyball) and the legendary April Ross, icon of women’s beach volleyball worldwide.

Former USC water polo player and current sports columnist Ryan cook shares some family history on local gold winners Gilchrist and Musselman.

“The two women, now two-time gold medalists in a row, grew up training in the Bay Club pool and on the club’s beach, attributing their success to growing up locally with the support of family. The two also have a family legacy with their competing fathers, ”Cook said. “Kaleigh’s dad Sandy, who before COVID you saw swimming in the pool every day or hanging out in the men’s spa, was a two-time Olympic swimmer, and Maddie’s dad, Jeff, played in the MLB for the Blue Jays and the Mets.

“Kaleigh started winning championships at a young age starting with surfing and then water polo. She was 2008 CIF champion, US Surfing jr. Champion in 2009 and 2010, 2013 NCAA champion, and now Olympic champion. 2016 and 2020. What’s even more fascinating is that Kaleigh has made a comeback after suffering near-fatal injuries that nearly ended his career following a balcony collapse in South Korea. during the celebration of the world championships in 2019. “

In September, Angelitos de Oro, a Big Brothers Big Sisters Auxiliary of Orange County and the Inland Empire, will be hosting his 60th Anniversary Angelitos Card Week at South Coat Plaza. Since the inception of “Map Week” in 1961, when South Coast Plaza (and OC) was young, Angelitos has raised over $ 6.5 million for BBBS programs and spending, donating thousands from local youth to matched adult mentors.

Patti Rose, Nanette Mayo, Teri Elliott, Cari Young, Kris Peyton, Lorraine Eggleston, Jo Corbett at the pre-event party.

Patti Rose, Nanette Mayo, Teri Elliott, Cari Young, Kris Peyton, Lorraine Eggleston, Jo Corbett attend the Angelitos de Oro Prevention Night for the “Shopping Card” fundraiser to be held at Baccarat, South Coast Plaza on September 22 .

(Courtesy of Ann Chatillon)

This year, the event will take place September 23-29 at South Coast Plaza with some 100 shops and restaurants offering a 20% discount to customers with the Angelitos Card. A $ 60 donation purchases the card. Donors / cardholders are invited to a champagne toast and a shopping preview day on September 22 which will be held at the Baccarat store. Presiding over the massive event are Joanne johnson and Merilyn mcclelland with the support of President Angelitos Young Curry.

Active and dedicated local Angelitos include a community leader Hylea bertea, Catherine thyen, Barbara bowie, Natalie Pickup, Marilyn Wooten, Barbara cline and CEO of BBCC Sloane keane. To find out more and buy a card, visit

Catherine Thyen, Harriet Harris, Barbara Bowie and Kate Eastman celebrate the upcoming Angelitos de Oro event.

Catherine Thyen, Harriet Harris, Barbara Bowie and Kate Eastman celebrate the upcoming Angelitos de Oro shopping card which will be held September 23-29 at South Coast Plaza.

(Courtesy of Ann Chatillon)

Diners at the luxurious Maestro’s Ocean Club steakhouse in Crystal Cove on the Newport Coast got a glimpse of their Tomahawk Choice Cuts at the California Governor Challenger Caitlyn jenner joining OC Buddies for dinner recently.

Jenner, who recently returned to the United States after completing a television project in Australia, is among 46 candidates challenging Gov. Gavin Newsom in recall elections scheduled for September 14. businessman John Cox and former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. Add to the diverse list of nominees artist Angelyne (best known for her giant full body displayed on a longtime 1980s billboard on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles).

Jenner, arguably the best-known transgender American internationally, oddly does not receive significant support from LGBTQ + organizations and allies. His campaign is guided by Brad Parscale, a major player and former Trump campaign guru. That, combined with Jenner’s personal conservative political views, “supplanted” the loyalty factor in the larger LBGTQ + community. This is the ultimate irony and further proof of the division in this nation over political affiliation and core values.

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