The Masked Singer: xx of the show’s biggest accidental reveals

The Masked Singer has given us more than its fair share of colorful characters around the world (Picture: Rex Shutterstock)

The masked singer has become a hit with viewers since its debut on our screens in 2020, with viewers across the UK sharing theories and clues as they try to figure out who the show’s mystery celebrities are.

The show originated in South Korea before hitting US screens, becoming an instant hit there – and as well as reaching the UK, it was also sold worldwide – France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Russia, Australia and Japan are just some of the countries that now have their own version.

Now in its third series here, the show’s bosses go to great lengths to make sure the identities of famous contestants stay under wraps until it’s time for them to take off their masks.

Except there are occasions when things didn’t quite go to plan — leading celebrities to almost give up the game, or in some cases give up altogether.

Let’s take a look at some of those occasions where the identity of a masked singer was accidentally revealed…

Lenny Henry as Blob (The Masked Singer UK series 2)

There’s no denying that Sir Lenny Henry fooled the judges when he appeared in the UK show’s second series as Blob – but the comedy legend almost managed to give the game himself.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on her TV show in 2021 after being outed, he explained: ‘Nobody in my family knew, my partner knew, and I think the builders might have suspected something because you get a visor that you wear and a sweater that says ‘don’t talk to me’, and stupidly I put it on before I left the house.

“And the builders of my house must have been like, ‘That’s a bit tough, isn’t it? It’s not like that of a usual morning!

Lenny also got clean shaven when it came to donning the Blob costume.

‘I was backstage and I was putting on my suit, because Blob is so big you can’t get into it in your dressing room, and I took my visor off, and I looked up and there were electricians working, and they said, “It’s Ainsley Harriott!” he revealed.

“But everyone has to sign a contract and they don’t have the right to say that, but they knew who I was.”

Julia Morris as Kitten (The Masked Singer Australia, season 2)

Comedian Julia Morris was accidentally outed after a costume designed for the show’s Australian series inadvertently revealed her identity in a radio interview.

Asked by host Deborah Knight if the designers knew who they were making the elaborate costumes for – quoting the cute pink kitten from that series – costume designer Tim Chappell replied: “Ah, yeah, yeah, it was Julia Morris. And didn’t she make the most amazing pink kitten? She looked so fabulous in that costume.

Whoops. Fortunately, the offending part of the interview was removed from the Internet, and Julia’s identity remained secret. At least for the many viewers who hadn’t heard the clip.

Mickey Rourke as the Gremlin (The Masked Singer US, Series 4)

It was more deliberate than accidental, but we can’t ignore the moment Oscar-nominated actor Mickey Rourke caused pandemonium when he appeared on the American series as the Furry Gremlin in 2020.

After reaching the show’s second week, where he performed the classic Stand By Me, he told show host Nick Cannon he had “enough” – and, in an early show, quickly removed his mask to reveal his identity.

Mickey explained that he only participated because he was nearby.

“I was in the neighborhood,” he said. ‘I like the show. I watched about four episodes.

‘When they asked, ‘Would you be interested?’ So I watched from the very beginning and all that, you know.

Axle Whitehead as Mullet (The Masked Singer Australia series 3)

Singer and Home and Away star Axle Whitehead nearly stumbled upon the Australian version of the show in 2021, when his character Mullet was challenged by show host Osher Gunsberg to do push-ups on scene – only for his costume’s head to fall off.

Axle quickly saved the day by putting his head inside his client as Osher did his best to cover up the unfolding disaster – only to be assured by Judge Dannii Minogue that she had seen nothing. . Annoying.

Nick Carter as Crocodile (The Masked Singer US series 4)

Former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s pink crocodile character made it to the series four finale in the United States in 2020.

However, some people claimed his identity was all but shaken by a clue that the character gave his father his very first $100 paycheck – a story featured in Nick’s autobiography Facing The Music.

They argued that the clue was so specific that it roughly identified Crocodile at the time – which was ultimately confirmed when the mask finally came off.

However, Nick wasn’t the only one whose clues might have come a little closer to the mark during their time on the show.

Fans watching season 5 of the show in the US immediately identified contestant Orca as Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath after a hint suggested the character sent audition tapes in pizza boxes. .

It was considered a dead giveaway, since McGrath’s best friend, director McG, admitted in a 2014 interview with Chelsea Handler that they had done just that to help the band secure a record deal.

Meanwhile, The Masked Singer UK series two runner-up Badger has been unveiled as musician and rapper Ne-yo by many viewers after a hint referencing Barbra Streisand – many took to social media to emphasize that they had played a duet together.

The masked singer continues on ITV on Saturday night at 7 p.m.

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