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Joe Biden showed up at Wilkes-Barre to ostensibly campaign for Democratic candidates. But where were Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman? You would think the Biden-Shapiro and Biden-Fetterman tickets would campaign together. Fetterman has only had 2 campaign appearances so far. Does Fetterman expect Joe Biden at 79 to campaign? The Biden-Fetterman ticket needs Fetterman out there, debating and campaigning.

Michael Stern

Joe Biden and his Democratic Party have just stolen $300 billion from American taxpayers. He stole that money to buy votes in November. He’s not giving it to everyone, just his select group of voters. He stole it from me, you and our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren. Why not forgive my car loan or my mortgage? Besides my monthly credit card bill?

Jim Atlas

My electric bill is really starting to spiral out of control. The price per kilowatt continues to rise. This is almost a third more than at the start of this year. When winter comes, my bill will be out of this world at this rate. Something has to change.


So the depths to which Democrats will sink to buy votes have once again reached an all-time high. Free money to anyone who takes it, and votes for my party in November. I’m furious about the 10,000.00 student loan forgiveness. My wife and I have worked most of our adult lives to save and invest in our child’s education and have paid for it. When do I receive my check? There will be a day of accounts for all expenses. Be ready.

Those who reside in the OJR school district may wish to attend the next school board meeting on Monday, September 19 at 7 p.m. in the LGI hall of the high school. Transgender policies that rob students of their privacy and put confused children on the path to chemical castration and sexual mutilation should be discussed.

Mr. Furlong

The transparency of the misdeeds of this administration is irreproachable! The most recent example is student loan forgiveness. Forget open borders, street crime, rising prices, and the harm inflicted on our students, to name a few since Biden took over. This country was built on hard work, accountability for our actions, and faith in God. Please don’t fall for their “freebies”. You will still have to pay the piper at the end.

A. Metz

Does the former president doubt his choice of crude swagger for the Pa Senate? The [former] the president used words like ‘ugly’, ‘awful’ and ‘doesn’t make sense’ to describe how Dr. Oz campaigned against John Fetterman over the summer,” said a Trump adviser who spoke to the former president. at least twice since June.


Almost all of Donald Trump’s debt — there’s at least US$1.1 billion of it, according to his government’s financial disclosures and other documents — is backed by real estate, mostly tied to a small number of buildings and golf courses that form the heart of Trump’s business empire. I think he should ask for “cancellation of the loan”.

Satire my conservative “friends”… satire.

The Observer

You have to hand it over to the Michigan Democrats. There is a lawsuit to remove voters from voter rolls, but Democrats are fighting this attack on voters’ rights. The lawsuit wants to remove 23,663 voters who have been dead for 5 years or more, 17,479 voters who have been dead for more than 10 years and 3,956 voters who have been dead for at least 20 years. Democrats stand up for their voters.

Ruth Whisper

When I was a coach or an entrepreneur, I always tried to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and to accentuate the strengths. America’s strength lies in its fossil fuel resources that have allowed us to be energy independent and a global power. Destroy that and you destroy America’s strength. I agree with Elon Musk: “In reality, I think we have to use oil and gas in the short term because otherwise civilization will collapse.”

Greg Levengood

The 54th annual PDK survey of public attitudes toward public schools reported record high scores for local public schools. Fifty-four percent of adults gave public schools in their community an A or B, the highest percentage since 1974.

A former educator

Hunter’s weird nickname for Joe Biden on his laptop is “The Big Guy” – that’s like calling my 350-pound friend “tiny”.

Billy G.

Biden’s big giveaway to the IRS is a double injustice. One, it pockets us to give the IRS the $80 million increase, and two, it then allows them to re-pocket us by collecting more of “what we owe.” What kind of country is this when we are forced to give our money to the government?

L Carroll

The Obama/Biden administration has taken over private sector student loans! The reason was to get the interest to help fund Obamacare! This is why student loan interest rates have risen above prime! Another crisis created by the Democrats! The government must be removed from the student loan business! Madeleine Dean, maybe you can work on that! We know you have time because you’re not working on anything important!

Republican lawmakers deny climate change; apply for federal funding for the levees. What?!?


It’s not just the Republicans. Obama’s economic adviser, Larry Summers, has warned that President Biden’s massive student debt cancellation will further worsen inflation. Another Obama economic adviser, Jason Furman, called Biden’s executive action “reckless.” Furman said it helps recent college graduates and hurts almost everyone. Furman said Biden was dumping about half a trillion dollars worth of gasoline on an inflationary fire that was already burning.

Robert Minner

To those lamenting President Biden, we didn’t have much choice, did we? Trump’s behavior, character and cheating were already evident before the election. Sorry, you did not receive this memo. Let a good alternative come forward so that I can vote Republican. The landscape is unfortunately filled with bad choices.

If you don’t think China controls everything and everyone, think again. Our president’s so-called green deal will make China richer than ever. They will produce all the minerals we will need. Try to find something that is not made in China.


How is Biden doing with what he’s doing? Give students $10,000 for their loans. We have to pay for it. My children and grandchildren are still paying theirs. I have to skimp from month to month to live. I haven’t received a COLA raise in the past 26 years. I can’t even afford to go into debt. but as long as you vote democrat, it’s more money out of our pockets.

Golden age

Awaken people to what is happening in our country and in the world. We are in a battle of good versus evil. It’s time to stop kowtowing to this corrupt government and take back our great country from those evil/satanic politicians who have stolen our wealth and freedom and have infiltrated our government, schools, businesses, hospitals and our country . Pray to your Creator for help and guidance!

Dog J

When will the Mercury give equal time to conservative Republican positions with content opposed to the radically bigoted and dangerously divisive Trump-Deranged “Cartoonist’s Take” comics they have been presenting for years?


If Oz wins in Pennsylvania, imagine trying to find him to discuss a problem you might have. What house is he in? Where is he? Like a shell game. And if he’s on vacation in Turkey, good luck with that. Does anyone know the address of the house he recently purchased in Pennsylvania? Where is Waldo?

NBC News reports that John Fetterman has rejected Dr. Oz’s offer for the Senate debates. It seems he is offended by Oz saying he should eat vegetables. If Oz said how stupid he was for not taking atrial fibrillation meds, that would be a good reason. Oz offered a paid medical professional, breaks, notes, and a headset so the staff would give him answers—a lot of crutches for a recovered Senate candidate. Guess also needs a teleprompter.

Farmer Ole 2

An extensive survey was conducted of doctors, nurses and others pledging anonymity for fear of losing their jobs or licenses. Many of my comments relate to their own experiences. It is the vaccinated who contract Covid, but it is the unvaccinated who are punished with constant testing, restrictions and threats of job loss. In short, they feel unfairly treated and discriminated against by the medical community.

Filing of information

I won’t use someone’s favorite personal pronouns for the same reason I won’t talk to a schizophrenic’s imaginary friend.

The sly curator

I wonder, now that I’m older, are the buttons on my shirts getting bigger or are the buttonholes shrinking?

jim fitch

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