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Six romantic hopefuls unlucky in love will hope to meet their soul mate in Amazon Prime Video’s The One That Got Away. The show will see this group of guys and girls hoping to meet the one where they come face to face with some of their past loves. The One That Got Away is hosted by Australian-American pop star Betty Who, who will guide singles on their journey to love.

Who is in the cast of The One Who Got Away?


Originally from Houston, Texas, Allysa always felt like a misfit until she went to college in California, where she discovered a passion for self-care and fitness.

Her time in college helped her grow into the confident and dynamic woman she is today.

Allysa is described as believing in manifestation – believing something and doing so – in hopes of reuniting with an old flame.

She also keeps a note of all the men she knows in a diary in hopes of meeting Mr Right.

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Living in New York, Jeff is an outgoing and adventurous guy, who grew up playing sports to fit in with the straight crowd.

But at the age of 21, he is out and now proudly living his dream life which includes jet-setting all over the world.

Jeff started a gay travel blog with the goal of connecting with the LGBTQ+ community around the world, sharing their dating stories.

He’s often met potential partners while on vacation, but the time has finally come for Jeff to settle down with the blogger in hopes of meeting his perfect partner on the show.


In contrast, Ashley is from a rural Midwestern town and looks like a country girl who spends her free time raising chickens.

She is a successful healthcare worker and works as a CT scan technologist.

However, her love life proved rocky after a bad relationship when she was 17 made it difficult for her to return to a romantic relationship.


Nigel is a successful real estate professional living in Los Angeles, however, the former college basketball player is tired of playing the court and is ready to find the right one for him.

He hopes to meet his future wife on the show and plans not to miss out after meeting women who have taught him so much about himself.


Attorney Vince is busy either in the courtroom or when he’s not working you’ll find him playing volleyball on a sunny beach.

He is a first-generation Chinese-Taiwanese-American and met his first love at the age of 17 with the couple together for nearly nine years.

The couple had a thriving business together, but sadly the couple called it quits after almost a decade.

Vince felt they were better off as friends and now he hopes to find the right woman for him – and his dog Leo.

The One That Got Away will launch on Amazon Prime Video on June 24

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