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The following real estate transactions have been compiled from information provided by Central County Deeds Registrar Joseph Davidson. The Gazette is not responsible for typographical errors. The information published is believed to be accurate; however, the Gazette does not guarantee or accept any responsibility for inaccurate information.


Robert A. Schaeffer Estate, Carol Ann Schaffer-Kelly and Margaret S. Miller to William K. Coble II, 541 E. Beaver St., $ 279,000


Thomas B. Bloom and Emily S. Bloom at Emily S. Bloom, 105 Williams St., $ 1


Peach Tree Enterprise LLC to Andrew W. Hersh and Anna C. Hersh, 379 Walnut St., $ 272,500


Jonathan Lower and Emily K. Lower to Dustin R. Boob and Ashley D. Boob, 254 E. Main St., $ 220,000

Todd A. Confer at AB Contracting, rue Frazier, $ 27,000


Anne B. Welch and Charles M. Welch to Jenna Hoover, 506 N. Seventh St., $ 22,000

Jenna Hoover at Freedomhawk Home Buyers Inc., 506 N. Seventh St., $ 38,500


James R. Floyd and David J. Floyd at David J. Floyd, 249 Turkey Ridge Road, $ 1

Martha E. Williams Estate and Barry Hill at T2K Properties, 204 N. 4th St., $ 116,000


Scott E. Thomas and Anne T. Thomas to Sherie O’Donohue, Sherie O’Donohue, Wayne Odonohue and Derek R. O’Donohue, 200 Highland Ave., $ 200,000

Gary A. Heuston at Hongjun Sun, 1822 Bayfield Court, $ 185,000

Center Lifelink Emergency Medical Services Inc. to Matthew David Cox and Rebekah Jo Wagner, 732 E. Marylyn Ave., $ 307,000

Nu Chapter Alpha Chi Sigma Professional at Borough of State College Redevelopment Authority, 406 S. Pugh St., $ 1,650,000

Cody G. Kissell and Jennifer B. Kissell to Geoffrey R. Pruzinsky and Catherine E. Kuhns, 314 Arbor Way, $ 468,000

Donald E. Coyne Estate at Real Estate Equities I, 226 Highland Ave., $ 1

Aaron A. Biega and Megan E. Biega to Scott L. Yocum and Glenda C. Yocum, 860 Bayberry Drive, $ 1

Carol Winpenny by attorney and Carol M. Winpenny by attorney at Kohl 127 Irvin LLC, 127 W. Irvin Ave., $ 400,000

Janice P. Clark at Pamela Ann Berg, 137 W. South Hills Ave., $ 1

Sabih I. Hayek and Guler E. Hayek to Deborah Ehrenthal and Douglas Doren, 953 E. Mc-Cormick Ave., $ 725,000

Helen E. Dempsey and William H. Van Den Berg to Jeremy A. McDaniel, 1017 A. Atherton St., $ 206,000

Samuel B. Pletcher and Angela W. Pletcher to Samuel S. Evans, 925 3W Whitehall Road, $ 205,000

Ryans A. Patrick and Colleen D. Patrick at Anthony Hahn and Suzanne R. Hahn, 859 Saxton Drive, $ 405,000


Kathleen I. Walker Estate, Gary C. Walker, Kaye N. Winters and Penny L. Martella at Terra Haines, Valley View Road, $ 179,000

Gloria J. Reish to Gloria J. Reish, April A. Womer, Ronald A. Reish and Debra J. Miller, 1651 Valley View Road, $ 1


Ryan R. Leach and Amy M. Leach at Justin D. Hinds and Rachel A. Cummins, 1704 Moose Run Road, $ 275,900


Kirk P. Ciarrocca and Kimberly Ciarrocca at Olamaide Kolade and Aderonke Ajala, 275 Meadowsweet Drive, $ 990,000

Equity Trust Company at Brandon L. Bridge, 1010 Houserville Road, $ 230,000

Equity Trust Company to Dorothy A. Witmer, 128 Oak Lane, $ 230,000

Erik Graff and Bridget Graff to Sean M. Laurent and Heidiemarie K. Laurent, 1503, chemin Houserville, $ 130,000

Margaret L. Byron and Jean-Michel Mongeau to Stacey L. Fritz-Smith and Carli S. Smith, 296 Wiltree Court, $ 357,000

McClatchy Company LLC at Stuckey Automotive State College Re LLC, 3400 E. College Ave., $ 1,950,000

Barbara L. Hiller to Samuel C. Thompson Jr., 455 Windmere Drive, $ 400,000

Frederick L. Metzger Sr., Frederick L. Metzger Jr., Megan R. Metzger, Leroy K. Metzger, Karn S. Metzger and Metz à Metz Partnership LLC, 365 Benner Pike, $ 1

David S. Marriott to Patrick T. Mather and Tara N. Mather, 980 E. McCormick Ave., $ 799,000


Kamico Holdings LLC to Hoover Family Revocable Trust, Richard E. Hoover and Elaine L. Hoover, Upper Polecat Road, $ 206,000


Olivia R. Guthoff, Olivia R. Dreibelbis and Derek R. Dreibelbis to Olivia R. Dreibelbis and Derek R. Dreibelbis, 310 Rosemont Drive, $ 1

Mari Haneda and Mariko Haneda in Cleveland Thomas Johnson, 668 Berkshire Drive, $ 472,000

State College Apartments LLC in Ferguson Township, W. Whitehall Road, $ 1

Jonathan M. Deitz to Christopher George Arges and Hiral Patel Arges, 1215 Deerfield Drive, $ 736,000

Dean Spanos, Linda Spanos, John Spanos and Michele Spanos at PGH Real Estate Holdings LLC, 125 E. Pine Grove Road, $ 320,000

Betty Jane Powley at 409 Real Estate Holdings LLC, 291 E. Pine Grove Road, $ 198,000

Melanie D. Eng at Souled Home Design LLC, 136 Deepwood Drive, $ 150,000

Steven J. Morgan and Karen L. Morgan to Christopher Mark Rogan and Jennifer Jean Rogan, 136 Butternut Street, $ 299,000

James E. Bugden to Fredrick B. Loskamp and Debra R. Loskamp, ​​1464 Linn St., $ 279,900

Joshua S. Yukelson at Caroline C. Koons at Justin Mosgrober, 2237 Bristol Ave., $ 321,400

Theodore R. Timmerman III and Teresa M. Timmerman to Nathan Collin Brown and Sarah Montminy Brown, 245 Madison St., $ 344,000

Christopher M. Bradley and Debbie K. Bradley to Aaron M. Kallhoff and Josie Kallhoff, 3221 Shellers Bend 838, $ 389,500

Scott L. Yocum, Glenda C. Yocum and Glenda Yocum at 900 State College Pa Properties I K9, 904 W. College Ave., $ 2,450,000


Joseph M. Smith to Richard A. McCool and Donna L. McCool, 179 Standing Bear Lane, $ 1

Joseph M. Smith to Richard A. McCool and Donna L. McCool, 179 Brush Mountain Lane, $ 1


Rockey Ridge Partnership to Kyle Michael Luciano and Margaret Mary Luciano, 237 Derek Drive, $ 580,000

Jamie A. Zeiler to Amanda K. Nyman and Jordan M. Nyman, 1413 S. Estate Drive, $ 369,500

Ben G. Williams and Shelley L. Williams to Eric Horning and Katherine Horning, 161 Meadow Lark Lane, $ 650,000


Roy S. Johnson to Alan L. Johnson, Barbara J. Flick and Roy S. Johnson Jr., 2494 Old 220 Road, $ 1


Fisher Irrevocable Grantor Trust and Timothy Fisher Trustee by Randall J. Haynes and Amanda L. Haynes, Sage Mountain Road, $ 39,900

Randal E. Moore Estate, Jared A. Moore and Arlen R. Moore to Arelen R. Moore and Susan I. Moore, N. Beech St., $ 1


Richard B. Divany Estate, Dick Divany Estate and Sharon A. Divany at Sharon A. Divany, 351 Hidden Valley Lane, $ 1

Saratoga Partners LP to Elliot P. Laratonda and Paige W. Laratonda, 103 Rabbit Hill Road, $ 332,000


Terry S. Brungart Estate and Terry S. Brungart Jr. to Abner E. King and Rebecca K. King, 7184 Brush Valley Road, $ 93,000


Joseph A. Gordon and Stephanie L. Gordon to Markus Furer and Melinda Furer, 105 Hunter Wood Way, $ 479,000

Jeffrey A. Osborne to Joseph C. Polaski and Kimber Lee M. Polaski, 578 W. Hillside Ave., $ 230,000

Ranadhir Mitra and Joy L. Mitra to Lawrence S. Owens II and Megan Elizabeth Owens, 172 Honors Lane, $ 437,500

Sherry L. Pagoto to Troy A. Markle, 1919 Fairwood Lane, $ 240,000

Edward Behrer and Dee Ajye Behrer in Dakota L. Butler and Sarah Z. Butler, 219 Harvard Road, $ 312,000


Donald C. Henderson at Saratoga Partners LP, 120 Coburn Road, $ 1

John W. Musser and Barbara E. Shaffer at Plurality LLC, 289 Coburn Road, $ 1,500,000

Troy S. Dinges and Lori S. Dinges to Stevie L. King and Susie K. King, Front Lane, $ 158,229


JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Mark D. Merritt and Tara L. Merritt, Bluestem Circle, $ 501,800

Dwayne E. McClellan and Daren L. McClellan to Daren L. McClellan and Tammy A. McClellan, 305 Old Fort Road, $ 100,000

Erma C. Wilt Estate, Sandra K. Gill and Cindy M. Stephens at Dennis J. Wilt, 203 Bible Road, $ 1


James J. Cantolina and Joann Cantolina to Tina Marie Brown and George Allen Brown Jr., 782 Loch Lomond Road, $ 1

Kevin R. Fink and Vickie Joan Fink to Heidi Lynn McCulley and Craig Allen Fink, 965 Loch Lomond Road, $ 1

James Washburn and Dorothy Washburn at Nicholas Jon Coble, 105 Loch Lomond Road, $ 30,000

Johnson Revocable Trust and Joseph E. Johnson at Saratoga Partners LP, 182 Whitetail Lane, $ 80,000

Edwin L. Snyder and Edwin E. Snyder to James L. Eirich Sr. and Doris E. Eirich, Walker St., $ 2,000


United Financial Mortgage Company to Paula Zuchowshi, 169 Gorton Road, $ 19,000


Matthew J. Hill and Maryellen Hill at Karschner Real Estate, 623 Willowbank St., $ 308,000

Aileen Warner to Lester H. Cutter III and Catherine N. Cutter, 244 E. College Ave., $ 210,000

R. Terry Peeler to Carlton E. Schaad and Heidi M. Sporre, 435 Gregory Lane, $ 294,000

Timothy L. Fortney and Teresa J. Fortney to Walter M. Derhammer III and Katharyn M. Derhammer, 540 Jacksonville Road, $ 361,250

Anna C. Hersh and Andrew W. Hersh to Joshua L. Germello and Mariah L. Drapcho, 201 Wiltshire Drive, $ 275,000

Timothy D. Kessling, Kaitlin V. Pyle and Kaitlin Kessling to Timothy D. Kessling and Kaitlin V. Kessling, 181 Thomas Lane, $ 1


Frye Family Trust, Trustee Norman V. Frye and Alison M. Frye Trustee of Paul J. Frye, 623 Fowler Hollow Road, $ 1

Donald B. Christine and Mary K. Christine to Lindsay Nicole Christine and Paul J. Hoover, 2194 Bald Eagle Pike, $ 65,000


Timothy W. Meyer and Tammy S. Meyer to Benuel K. Stoltzfus and Sylvia R. Stoltzfus, Pike Road, $ 150,000

– Compiled by Vincent Corso

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