UK pledges to provide Ukraine with the best rocket launchers | World | New

It is understood that Ukrainian troops will be trained to use the launchers in the UK. The move was “closely coordinated” with America and comes just a day after US President Joe Biden agreed to supply Ukraine with a small number of medium-range M142 artillery rocket systems. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said yesterday: ‘The UK stands with Ukraine and has played a leading role in providing its heroic troops with the vital weapons they need to defend their country.

“As Russia’s tactics change, our support for Ukraine must also change.

“These high-performance multiple-launch rocket systems will better protect our Ukrainian friends against Russia’s brutal use of long-range artillery, which Putin’s forces have used indiscriminately to raze cities.”

The supply of such weapons to Ukraine by Britain and the United States sparked fury in the Kremlin.

Shortly after Mr Biden’s announcement, Russian military officials said the country’s nuclear forces were holding exercises in Ivanovo province near Moscow.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had accused the West of “inflating Ukrainian nationalists with weapons”.

He said any arms shipment destined for Ukraine would become a legitimate target for Moscow.

The Foreign Ministry said NATO countries were “playing with fire” by sending weapons to Ukraine.

Russian military officials said this week they had completed testing of the country’s Zircon hypersonic cruise missile.

They recently tested a cruise missile from a ship in the Barents Sea to a target about 625 miles away.

US rocket systems announced by President Biden are the centerpiece of a £560million support package for Ukraine that also includes helicopters, anti-tank weapons, tactical vehicles and spare parts, a said the White House.

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