Vandalized vaccination center in France with symbols of the French Resistance

A Covid vaccination center in France has been vandalized with symbols of the Resistance from World War II.

Vandals broke into the town hall of Lans-en-Vercors, near the city of Grenoble, in south-eastern France, on Friday evening.

The intruders set off fire hoses, flooding the center and ransacking furniture containing syringes, bandages and other medical equipment.

Graffiti has been left on the shop windows of the center and on the neighboring tourist office. The labels included “Vaccine = genocide”, “1940” and a Cross of the liberation of Lorraine, which was used as a symbol of the French Resistance. The Vercors region was a base for the maquis during the Nazi occupation.

Health Minister Olivier Veran was among those who condemned the attack.

“The ransacking of a vaccination center says a lot about the real motivation of the perpetrators, who will be prosecuted,” he said.

Michael Kraemer, the mayor of Lans-en-Vercors, said the vandalism showed “a lack of culture and respect for the history of Vercors”.

The local government department said in a statement it had opened another vaccination center within hours of the attack and would be able to honor all appointments today.

Police are investigating the attack.

On Saturday, thousands of people continued to protest against President Emmanuel Macron’s plans for compulsory vaccination of health workers and the provision of a Covid certificate for entry to places such as bars, restaurants and cinemas.

Protesters say the measures will deny freedom of choice to those who do not want the vaccination.

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