West Jefferson Property Transfers January 20-26, 2022. See List of Home Sales and Others | Economic news

Below is a compilation of properties sold in West Jefferson Parish from January 20-26, 2022. Data is compiled from public records.


Transfers from January 20 to 26, 2022


Butler Drive 441: Cagle Investments LLC to Gary M. Joseph Sr., $75,000.

N. Betty Lane 140: Eddie J. McClain and Gilda McClain to Gerald Dimes, $200,000.

Ruth Drive 436: Russell E. Naumann IV and Janet LB Naumann to Gabriel E. Martinez and Brittany C. Martinez, $75,000.

South Avondale Homes 7. Subdivision, Lot 3, Square 15: Julie G. Costales to Tommy Costales, donation.

South Avondale Homes 7. Subdivision, Lot 3, Square 15: Tommy Costales to Sabrina M. Costales, donation.

S. Tish Drive 132: Sarah Szolis to Gary J. Collins Sr. and Stacy Collins, $102,000.

Winnona Drive 172: Grant L. Butler and Patricia Butler to Roberto Perez, $22,000.


Village of Barataria, no other data: Kip Gisclair to Heide Matherne and Doyle Gisclair, donation.


Boudreaux Lane 132: Claude J. Simoneaud and Martha Simoneaud to Jerhett Albert and Casey Albert, $170,000.

Cheramie’s Landing condo, U4 boathouse: Sandra S. Ellender and Stephen E. Ellender Jr. to Stephen Ellender and Nicky Ellender, gift.

Iberville Lane 134: Sandra G. Brommeland to Patrick Thomas and Dee A. Thomas, $135,000.

Ocean Beach Subdivision, Lot 1, Square B: Holly B. Sandifer to TPP LLC, $55,000.


11th Street 1120: Betty D. Johnson to Avia L. Morris, don.

Claire Ave. 1840 and 1840½: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, gift.

Alison Drive 1520: Thomas E. Howard and Dorothy Howard to Alisa M. Hooker, $250,000.

Gretna Town Subdivision, Lot 11, Square 36: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, Don.

Claire Ave. 2312: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, donation.

Claire Ave. 2701: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, gift.

Commerce St. 160: David M. Kalil and Susan C. Kalil to Reginald A. Swanson and Carrie Elliott, $530,000.

Derbigny St. 1223-25: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, donation.

Derbigny St. 1227: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, donation.

Fairfield Ave. 250: Christopher D. Esteve and Colby J. Downs to Erin M. Esteve, $75,000.

Firethorn Drive 276: Mark J. Boudreau to Inam Abdelhadi, $150,000.

Gary Court 1649: Gary & Alexander LLC to Octave J. Laroche III, $320,000.

Hero Drive 2405: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, don.

Hero Drive 3144: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, don.

Huey P. Long 1113: David Lafrance to Lisa Lafrance, gift.

Marlene Drive 772: Chau Phan LLC to John L. Marcello, $470,000.

Mason St. 29: Rosemarie Kirkland to Whitney N. Lowery, $183,000.

Newport Circle 675: Elegant Houses LLC to Jonathan O. Flores-Cruz, Nextmalis Flores, Joanthan O. Flores and Nextmalis Cruz, $239,000.

Newton St. 1806: Joan D. Siguenza to German A. Diaz, $150,000.

Oakdale, Lot 16, Parcel A: Robert M. Artus to Toweco Warehouses LLC, $250,000.

Rue Romain 1133: Alex J. Gourgis Jr. to Alex J. Gourgis III, donation.

Stumpf Boulevard. 1920: Karren LC Kloiber, Taylor R. Klobier and Suzanne LL Klobier to Morgan A. Glover, $150,000.

Weyer St. 1610: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, donation.

Wright Ave. 237: Lee J. Aucoin and Shawn K. Aucoin to Karen Guell, $175,000.


11th Street 1304: Nhi T. Nguyen to Terry L. Buchanan, $50,000.

Beechwood Drive 1165: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, don.

Dogwood Drive 1437: Jorge MC Salas and Bernarda D. Trujillo to Fatemah Bicksler and Ronald E. Bicksler, $195,000.

E. Catawba Drive 2500: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, don.

Hampton Drive 1828: Home Smart Properties LLC to Han B. Nguyen and Hung Vu, $177,500.

Hyde Park Ave. North 2749: Albert P. Hernandez to J. Roque Properties LLC, $275,000.

Irwin Kuntz Drive 3872: Cathy J. Villafarra to Cathy J. Villafarra, gift.

Lake Erie Drive 1608: Terrence A. James to Katrina P. James, donation.

Lake Winnipeg Drive 3713: Garnotte Property Services LLC to Mahmoud Hammad, $470,000.

Paige Janette Drive 2484: Zaina Salem LLC to Keona N. Lanceslin, $215,000.

Second Ave. 712: FAR Investments LLC to S&F Real Estate Investments LLC, $120,000.

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S. Dells St. 4033: Veron Bush III in Geneva R. Benn, $140,000.

Snowbird Drive 2129: Daphanie Wright to Terry E. Jackson, gift.

Titan St. 2145: Karen M. Cox and Joseph G. Cox to Yvonne D. Jean, $242,000.

Village Green Court 33014: Tri V. Huynh and Quyen N. Seen to Peter O. Edel Jr. and Maria L. Canales-Bustillo, $325,000.

Woodbriar Drive 3841: Marrone Investments LLC to A&I Investment Properties LLC, $135,000.

Woodmere 4. Subdivision, Lot 1156, Square AA: 2460 Deerwood LLC to Edgar Lorenti, $27,700.

Woodmere 8. Subdivision, Lot 2231, Square H1: Ethan Tolliver to Crystal S. Tolliver, donation.


Berthoud Plantation Subdivision, Lot TK4B: Fleming Plantation Nevada LLC to Timothy P. Kerner and Darla R. Kerner, $67,000.

Boul. Jean Lafitte 1570: Aramise A. Ates and June C. Ates to Kippy J. Doucet Jr., Paula MH Doucet and Kippy J. Doucet, $370,000.

Boul. Jean Lafitte 4265: Carla Bourgeois and Rick P. Creppel to Elodie P. Victoriano and Robert J. Victoriano Jr., $197,000.

Willie Mae Extension A. Subdivision, Lot 19, Square 9: Adair Holdings LLC to James J. Mayfield II, Candice Mayfield, Candice M. Hunter and Candice H. Mamolo, $20,000.


Annette Drive 2812: Clayton H. Smith and Adeline Smith to Trudy L. Rebert, $102,965.

Avenue K 461: Vickie Comardelle to Christopher J. Areas and Katherine G. Areas, $170,000.

Avery Drive 5564: Giselle M. Barilleaux to Krysti MN Ponce and Savannah Ponce, $210,000.

Bay View Drive 4426: Robert L. Nolden Sr. to Troy Biglow and Kathy Ashley, $275,000.

Becker St. 6008: Debra B. Frickey and Belinda Burgess to Danielle A. Hebert, gift.

Dylan Drive 824: DSLD Homes LLC to Roko A. Tvrdeic and Aimee Tvrdeic, $261,030.

Eden Roc Drive 5213: Het V. Phan to Thuy T. Truong and Henry Nguyen, $225,000.

Family Court 1724: Betty Wilson to Pedro Estevez, $163,000.

Frazier St. 2537: DSLD Homes LLC to Eugene D. Murray III and Rachell M. Murray, $250,630.

Gentry Road 7105: Aldaro M. Russell and Kaylien D. Lewis to Blanca Zelaya, $158,000.

Kings Manor Subdivision, Lot 8A1A: Thomas Nguyen, Tong Mai and Main Nguyen Inc. to Windrush Ames LLC, $692,073.

Mansfield Ave. 1630: Roland Flemings Jr. and Robert Flemings to Ernest Mayho, donation.

Marrero Addition, Lots 1 & 2, Square 1: Mary Miller to Holmes AC Repair & Services LLC, $182,000.

Subdivision Marrero Division, Lot 20A, Square 2: Strosalie Roman Catholic Church to Toni Crockett and James Crockett, $30,000.

Park Shore Drive 4649: Ollie Hull III to Bonnie Diamond and Eddie H. Diamond, $299,000.

Pin Oak Drive 2636: Krystal B. Murray to Gerald Guidry, $265,000.

Profit St. 313: Profit Properties LLC to Marjorie S. McNeely, $73,000.

Profit St. 313: Marjorie S. McNeely to Johnny R. Watson, gift.

Runnymede Drive 7116: Kevin Prevost and Kevin J. Prevost Sr. to Sheron Baptiste, don.

Sierra Drive 4021: Robert Jackson Sr. to Wanda W. Jackson, don.

St. Joseph Garden Subdivision, Lot 15: Joseph A. Pritchard to Saving Louisiana LLC, $75,000.

Westbank Expressway 7437: FD Marrero LLC to Investments Realty LLC, $2,550,000.

Westwood Drive 1025: Thanh T. Pham to Thanh Thanh Rental LLC, don.


Gibson St. 2121: Lorraine S. Boudreaux to Lorraine I. Boudreaux, donation.

Hazel Place 737: Gayle Odum to Tiffany F. Farmer and Terry A. Farmer Jr., $190,000.


Catalpa Loop 9558: Mai T. Bui to Ollie Hull III, $437,000.

Oleander Lane 637: Lauri J. Fenno to Anna B. Stout, $155,000.


Avenue A 364: David Lafrance and Lisa Lafrance to Daryl Julien and Ciara G. Julien, $165,000.

Evergold Lane 17: Bellnik LLC to Brianna Perry and Cierra Small, $160,000.

Harbor Estates Subdivision, Lot 198, Square 9: Jerome Brown Sr. to Lynette Brown, donation.

Marrero Park 416: Gx3 Property LLC to Nam T. Tran and Trang T. Tran, $108,000.

Segnette Estates Subdivision, Lot 36, Square 1: Marrero Land & Improvement Association Ltd to Maximillian Cole, $64,900.

Segnette Estates Subdivision, Lot 62, Square 1: Marrero Land & Improvement Association Limited to Sean Thompson and Katamma M. Thompson, $63,500.

Segnette Estates Subdivision, Lot 68, Square 1: Marrero Land & Improvement Association Ltd to Deneen D. Terry, $61,900.

S. Kenner Ave. 330: David J. Bourgeois to Shana W. Bourgeois, gift.

Teal Lane 208: Uyen KT Tran to Thi V. Ngo, don.

W. Chante Court 923: Alice Rivers to Maria A. Mack and Christopher R. Turner, $130,000.

Subdivision Whitehouse Division, Lot 13, Square D: Joshua A. Talazac to ATB22 LLC, $450,000.

Whitehouse subdivision, lot 10B, square 20: Jude N. Foret to Daniel A. Foret and Rhonda MH Foret, gift.

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