Westmoreland County Real Estate Transfers | Immovable

ALLEGHENY David Lipanot at Dalton Cesaratto and Shannon Ventrice at 200 Pleasant Hill Road for $220,000. Joseph Vota Jr. to Limestone Spring Acquisitions II LLC at 480 Princess Ln OG for $70,300.


Dennis Shoff to Wendy Dimon at 1966 Main St. for $54,950. BELL

Meredith Schwartzmiller to Jason Schwartzmiller at 181 Main St. for $104,000. Stephanie George Slavik to CNX Gas Co. LLC at State Route 380 OG for $40,649. Kristen Ann Uecker at Limestone Spring Acquisitions II LLC on State Route 380 OG for $40,649.


Adam Harnett to Brittany Miller at 738 Lincoln St. for $6,005 (state deed transfer stamps show a value of $69,267) per sheriff’s deed.


Donna Lotz to Brandon and Ann Yeager at 509 E Third Ave. for $80,000. James Gamble at Westmoreland County Land Bank at 201 W Sixth Ave. for $2,244 per sheriff’s deed. TOWNSHIP OF DERRY

Glorianne Klimchock to Patti Levay at 253 Derbytown Road for $15,000. Linda Allman to Christopher and Stacey Bush at Pandora Road for $6,000. Kathie Steppic estate trustee to Abigail Burkardt at 256 Pizza Barn Road for $150,000. Louis Connor to Dino and Kelly DeCario at 5706 State Route 982 for $25,000.


Frank Raneri to John Baker at 114 Williams Road for $145,000. EAST HUNTINGDON

James Hyde to Brian and Nickolas Hyde at 110 Pine Ln for $212,000.


Michael Snyder to Amanda and Erica McClain at 229 Alexander Ave. for $175,000. Michael Matis to Pennsylvania Equity Resoruces Inc. at 659 George St. for $1,462 per sheriff’s deed. Reuben Byler at Albert Bitar at 307 Hancock Ave. for $128,500. Ana Hidalgo Collins to Timothy and Lorraine Makosky at 421 Harrison Ave. for $143,000. Martin Kapusta Jr. to Michael and Michelle Vitale at 912 Harvey Ave. for $340,000. Barry Anderson at Westmoreland County Land Bank at 36 Madison Ave. for $1,951 per sheriff’s deed. James Nelson to Timothy and Laura Landy at 18 Meadowbrook Ave. for $160,000. Joseph Keilbach to Wesley Siko at 326 Painter St. for $147,000. William Nicholson to Michael Chiaverini at 522 Turney St. for $145,000. Estate of George Graziano to Brittany Luczki at 503 Vine St. for $120,000. HEMP FIELD

Mary Ann Kimmel at Bruce and Sheila Albright at Albrights Lake Road for $1,270. Nicolas Montross in Arlin and Jonathan Troyer at 331 Brush Creek Road for $120,000. Keith Mahosky to Evan and Leah Brisbine at 4125 Cambridge Drive for $225,000. Larry Don Kovach to Troy Kiesel and Loni Trybulec at 42 Timber Trail Drive for $455,000. Dean Klingensmith administrator of the estate of Gregory Lynn Klingensmith at 141 Trouttown Road for $15,000. Irwin James Deeds to the Westmoreland County Land Bank at 10 Washington St. for $1,382 per sheriff’s deed. Christian Youth Crusade Inc. to Samantha Lynn Bates at 485 Willow Ave. for $149,900. JEANETTE

Mark Scalzitti to RJL Rentals LLC at 327 Cedar St. for $62,500. Mark Scalzitti to RJL Rentals LLC at 329 Cedar St. for $62,500. Natalie Yohman to Amelia Burns at 301 Henry St. for $103,000. MASTR Alt Loan Tr 2022 2 to Luke Hall at 603 Jefferson Ave. for $38,500. Marisa Rosner to Justin Long at 714 Jefferson Ave. for $125,000. Duane Antoniak to Patricia Datz at 902 Lewis Ave. for $125,000. Amber Carter to Jeremiah Barrow at 510 Mill St. for $8,000. Jean Kirkpatrick to Westmoreland County Land Bank at 401 N Third St. for $1,534 per sheriff’s deed. Mark Scalzitti to RJL Rentals LLC at 509-511 N Fifth St. for $125,000. Alex Protch to Kenneth Morris at 212 S Seventh St. for $1,749 (state deed transfer stamps show a value of $6,992) per sheriff’s deed.


SimonCRE JC Sparky III LLC at Agree Shelf PA LLC at 116-118 Chambers St. and 17 Lloyd Ave. for $2,545,000. Ruth Carney to Joshua James Turner at 625 Weldon St. for $140,000.


Paul Frichtel to Robert Davis II at 133 Fern Ln for $4,309 per sheriff deed. Duane Delstienne to D FLOP LLC at 329 Ferry Ln for $1 (state deed transfer stamps show a value of $230,811). Keith Liston to Keith Liston and Jill Margarum at 1604 Piper Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps show a value of $77,500). Mark Howard Burnett director of Robert dePalma at 461 Saddlebrook Ln for $730,000. Parei Ventures LLC to Darren and Bethani Eicher at 297 Sunrise Ln for $500,000. Estate of Mary Stewart to James and Jennifer Shultz at 195 Two Mile Run Road for $70,000.


Patty Rusnock in Kaden Birmingham at 2600 Kenview Drive for $169,000. MANOR Randall Walter to LaGorga Holdings LLC at 68 Race St. for $55,000.


Derek Yannella to Anthony Ireland at 608 Hoover St. for $114,000. Estate of Rosetta Wilson at Safe Haven Realty LLC at 1425 Leeds Ave. for $38,000. Robert Kunkle at Westmoreland County Land Bank at 1412 Summit Ave. for $1,253 per sheriff’s deed. MT. PLEASANT BOROUGH

John Terry to Nathan Hutchinson at 426 Howard St. for $10,183 (state deed transfer stamps show a value of $85,365) per sheriff deed. Dorothy Maxine Uhrin at Douglas and Sherri Maughan at 248 Oak St. for $60,000. MT. PLEASANT TOWNSHIP

E&W Real Estate Holdings LLC to Nicholas Cole and Julieanne Alexis Sibula at 600 Jason Ct for $75,000. Weaverton Amish Mennonite Church Assoc. at Trauger Mennonite Church Corp. at 4375 State Route 981 for $100,000. Eric Ritenour to Monica Flinn at 1234 W Laurel Cir for $185,000.


William Lewis to Kurt Sweitzer at 5275 Ashbaugh Road for $245,000. Estate of Dustin Matthew Norris to William and Melissa Lewis at 6051 Italy Road for $330,000. Estate of Nancy Joan Singleton to Alexander and Tricia Ducruet at 4110 Kellington Ct for $400,000. Michael Mastorovich to Daniel Lee and Roberta Lynn Nicols at 4279 Logan Ferry Road for $195,000. Phillip Swearingen at Sibanengi Masuku and Sandra Yamba at 1040 Manor Vue Ct for $341,000. Patricia Rogers to MBH Resources LLC at 6500-6526 Pentecostal Ln OG for $1,250.


Jeffrey Horan to Kelly Henretty at 205 Furnace Ln for $110,000. NORTH HUNTINGDON Pittsburgh Cash Buyers LLC to Anthony Zrelak and Alexis Croll Faunce at 1719 Friar Tuck Drive for $226,500. James Brode Jr. at A Petrush at Frog Road for $2,500. Donato Pasquarelli to NVR Inc. at 919 Giulia Drive for $91,500. David Martin to Caitlyn and Laura Malacki at 7746 Happy Drive for $149,900. Benjamin Berkowitz to Joseph Castellano and Carlie Edwards at 2198 Lancelot Drive for $230,000. Michael Wertz to West PA Properties LLC at 12325 Maple Ln for $44,388 (state deed transfer stamps show a value of $125,121) per sheriff deed. F&H Property Dev LLC to Maronda Homes LLC at 964 New Hope Drive for $75,000. Pasquarelli Property Management LLC to Charles and Kristie Thomas at 7996 Oscar Ct for $717,186. Estate of Ruth Woodward to Chazz and Kendra Farrier at 13240 Ridge Road for $205,000.


DM Brentzel Builders Inc. to Denise Marie Paredes Trustee at 1008 Christina Ct for $69,900. Estate of Harvey Elliott to Michael Yeckley in Elmwood Ct for $1,530. Blackthorn Investors LLC to NVR Inc. at 1047 Wedgewood Drive for $73,844. ROSTRAVER

RWS Land Co. Inc. to Carrie Sanders at 213 Landan Drive for $90,000. RWS Land Co. Inc. in Harinder and Upjinder Mann at 229 Landan Drive for $92,000. Mary Sersen at Keith and Cindee Hill at Municipal Drive for $65,000. Charles Tisot to the Westmoreland County Land Bank at 213 Otto St. for $1,981 per sheriff’s deed. Estate of Anthony Muccino to Frank Muccino at 1049 Rostraver Road for $75,500. Jason Derkosh to Michael and Renee Carcella on State Route 906 for $130,000. Rachel Sparinga to Gregory Dixon at W McClain Road for $45,000. Salem

Mark Fix to Anthony Amandola at 303 Hoya St. for $35,000.

David McElfresh to West PA Properties LLC at 122 Chestnut Ln 8747 for $10,196 per sheriff’s deed. G. Richard Kreuter to Carly Renee Blaugher at 1023 Fort St. for $199,900. Cole Ward at Pikewood Energy Corp. at Mt. Pleasant Road OG for $30,920. UNITY

Estate of Marjorie Louise Sigmund to Jeffrey and Rachel Santiago at 1305 Clearview Drive for $265,000. Lucas Hochard to Brandon Shreffler at 112 Honor Roll Drive for $121,800. Elizabeth Soxman to Adam Mylant and Annabel Mosco at 631 Solomon Temple Road for $410,000. Cletus Weber III to Caltana LLC at 4398 State Route 982 for $166,500.


Steven Jeffrey Pollick to Eric Ribar at 105 Custer Ave. for $149,500. Renee Schantz to Jeffrey Campbell at 802 Hancock Ave. for $40,000. WASHINGTON

Steven Barnes to Lance and Carolyn Eley at 334 State Route 356 for $158,000. NEWTON WEST

John Legler trustee of CITx LLC at 107 Walnut Ln for $28,000.
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