What Eric Adams rookies say about him: Loyalty comes first

A moderate who has been critical of left-leaning Democrats, Mr. Adams has appointed several Republicans to his administration, including James Oddo, a former Staten Island borough president who serves as the deputy mayor’s chief of staff for operations, and Eric Ulrich, a former City Council member from Queens who has been appointed senior adviser. He also named Edward Mermelstein, an international real estate lawyer from Ukraine who said he was friendly with former President Donald J. Trump, as city commissioner for international affairs.

Mr. Adams, who is the city’s second black mayor, has won praise for the diversity of his cabinet. He appointed five female deputy mayors; its police commissioner, school chancellor, and other senior officials are black; and its transportation commissioner, Ydanis Rodriguez, is from the Dominican Republic and has been a leader on issues important to immigrant communities.

Yet questions continue to follow his appointments. It is unclear whether Philip Banks could obtain a top secret security clearance from the FBI. The new commissioner of corrections, Louis A. Molina, fired a high-level investigator who investigated complaints against officers for use of force.

More reports followed: Mr. Pearson ruffled feathers by proposing the removal of the police from City Hall, WNBC-TV reported. Carlo Scissura, who could head the city’s Economic Development Corporation, has helped close real estate deals without being registered as a lobbyist, The city reports.

Many of those who joined Mr. Adams’ administration stood with him in a bitter and competitive Democratic primary last year, which he won by less than 8,000 votes. Brendan McGuire, a highly respected former federal prosecutor in Manhattan who will serve as his chief attorney, served as an adviser to Mr. Adams during his campaign and his transition.

“I don’t make a lot of new friends,” Mr. Adams said.

Joseph J. Lhota, a former deputy mayor under Mr. Giuliani who is now a Democrat, called criticism of Mr. Adams’ nominations “superficial and virtuous”.

“The mayor has every right to choose his team,” Mr Lhota said. “Evaluation and criticism must be taken for performance.”

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