Whitney Way Thore worries about not being ‘on the same page’ with her French boyfriend in exclusive clip

Whitney way thore She recently returned from a vacation in Paris where she spent time with her French boyfriend, but the couple were not initially in tune with the visit.

In this exclusivity My big fabulous life clip, Thore, 37, struggles to be “on the same page” with her beau when it comes to making their long-distance relationship work.

“Look, I just saw an article where they said they were going to open up France to American tourists,” Thore told her boyfriend on a call. “Maybe about a month and the Americans can come. I guess if the Americans can come, that means you could come here too.”

She tries to cut the tension after hearing some hesitation in his voice. “You don’t sound excited,” Thore said laughing. “It’s like your life has just passed before your eyes, like ‘Oh no, I hadn’t thought about that day was coming.’ “

“I didn’t expect this phone call to end with him booking flights or anything, but I’m just not sure we’re necessarily on the same page, in terms of meeting, ”she muses in a video confessional. “And if he’s not sure if he wants to meet me and be with me, I’ll be crushed.”

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Thore revealed in July that she had a new man in her life, whom she had met while taking French lessons online.

The body positivity advocate opened up to PEOPLE last month about her new relationship and said she was concerned about the fan reaction since he chose to keep her identity a secret. “The truth is that I am not really looking forward because I already know people are going to be like ‘Oh he doesn’t like you’ or ‘He’s embarrassed to be seen with you’ or whatever, ‘she said.

They decided to keep his identity private due to the harassment that Thore’s ex-fiancé Chase Severino faced after their separation. Thoré announced their separation in May 2020, after Severino cheated on her and fathered a child with another woman while they were engaged.

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“I feel good he’s protected from the kinds of things Chase has had to go through,” she told PEOPLE. “It makes me feel good. It’s hard to navigate, you know, in terms of reality TV and being a public person, but I never want to put anyone in a position to receive the genre again. hate that Chase did. So it really makes me feel good. “

See Whitney Way Thore’s new romance blossom in My big fabulous life, which airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET. on TLC.

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